Highway 420 and QEW Rehabilitation

Project Update from the Ministry of Transportation (Updated March 26, 2018):

Contract 2015-2016 includes the rehabilitation of five (5) bridges at the interchange of Highway 420 and the QEW, the resurfacing and the median reconstruction on Highway 420 in Niagara Falls. The contract is a two-year contract that was awarded to Rankin Construction in Spring 2016. Construction commenced in Spring 2016 and had an anticipated completion date of Fall 2017. During the project, several difficulties were encountered when working on the bridge structures due to unforeseen and varying conditions. The structural engineers from the ministry and the ministry's design consultant have analyzed and developed revised procedures to correct these issues, which ultimately caused significant delays to the project. 

It is anticipated that the current closures and traffic diversions will remain in place until August 31, 2018. The map below illustrates the current closures/traffic diversions in place.
View accessible PDF of the map.

Key Map Showing Extended Closure of Hwy 420 to QEW Toronto Bound

Text Description of Map

  • Highway 420 to QEW -  Toronto bound ramp to remain closed
  • Temporary ramp connection from Highway 420 to QEW -  Toronto bound to remain 
  • Access from Dorchester Road to QEW -  Toronto bound (previously closed) to be opened 
  • Access to remain closed from Dorchester Road to west side of QEW due to temporary ramp remaining

For more information, please contact:

Katherine Kirkpatrick, Principal Contract Administrator
Morrison Hershfield
Phone: 289-434-4297
Email: Hwy420QEW@morrisonhershfield.com