Highway 420 and QEW Rehabilitation

The Ontario Ministry of Transportation is rehabilitating 5 structures within the Highway 420/QEW interchange in Niagara Falls, and undertaking resurfacing of Highway 420 from Stanley Avenue to Montrose Road and the Highway 420 interchange including all ramps and crossing roads. 

Project Update from the Ministry of Transportation (Updated November 9, 2017):

Niagara Stakeholders Contract 2015-2026 – Project Update

We expect to have the road into winter configuration by the 17th of November (depending on weather conditions) but we experienced serious issues on the bridge on Highway 420 to QEW Northbound delaying the work, which will not open this fall. 

Winter configuration will include the following improvements to the current conditions:

  • Highway 420 Westbound will open to 2 lanes between Drummond Road and the Temporary Ramp.  We will be doing some repairs to the asphalt in this area for winter but will complete the pavement restoration next season. 
  • Bridge 4 – the big flyover from Highway 420 Westbound to Fort Erie will be opening and we plan to sign the Fort Erie Traffic to Bridge 4 to mitigate traffic through to the Temporary ramp and Montrose.
  • The temporary ramp from Highway 420 Westbound to QEW Northbound NBL will remain open for the winter and we are widening it to allow traffic from Dorchester to access the QEW Toronto Bound as well.  We anticipate this will mitigate some of the congestion at Dorchester and Thorold Stone Road.
  • The ramp from Dorchester to Highway 420 to Montrose, however, will remain closed with a detour route in place.

We have some investigation yet to do in the next few weeks to determine the scope of work required to safely open the bridge from Highway 420 to QEW Northbound to traffic. At this time we cannot provide an estimate of the contract completion.  If possible, the Contractor will continue work through the winter to expedite project completion.  This may involve use of the long term single lane closures on the QEW.

For more information, please contact:

Katherine Kirkpatrick, Principal Contract Administrator
Morrison Hershfield
Phone: 289-434-4297
Email: Hwy420QEW@morrisonhershfield.com