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DescriptionThis is a view that joins business licenses from the Land Manager databases their respective parcels. It joins only licenses with a status of Issued, representing currently active licenses, and includes license types of Amusement, Camping, Exhibit, Lodging House, Refreshement cars and trucks, Restaurants and Tourist Establishements. This view is used to publish web services of the above listed license types. It excludes liquor licenses which our handled by another view. This view is used to produce the web services for the above noted license types. A QC view lists licenses with no matching parcel (where could not be matched on roll number or address). If there are unmatched records, this open data layer cannot be seen as an exhaustive record of currently active licenses.
SourceClerk's Department - Land Manager Application Licensing
DatumNAD 83
ProjectionUTM 17
Maintenance FrequencyAnnually
CopyrightCity of Niagara Falls
Last EditedMonday, August 26, 2019
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