Between May and September 2022, the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) will be inspecting select rural and residential properties in the Niagara Region and the City of Hamilton as part of the ongoing Plum Pox Monitoring and Management Program (PPMMP). Specific areas of the Niagara Region and the City of Hamilton are currently under federal quarantine. Regulations are in place to prevent the spread of plum pox virus outside of the quarantine area. The CFIA will conduct leaf sampling of select orchard and homeowner properties to ensure continued monitoring along the boundary of the regulated area. The CFIA will also be inspecting select orchard and homeowner properties to verify compliance with the propagation ban that is currently in place. This means that property owners may see CFIA inspectors on their property.

Plum pox virus is a serious plant disease that threatens Canada’s stone fruit industry. Plants that are susceptible to the virus include apricot, nectarine, peach and plum trees, and some ornamental shrubs such as purpleleaf sandcherry. It does not affect human or animal health.

A ban on propagation is in place. This ban prohibits anyone in the plum pox virus quarantine area from producing trees and plants that are susceptible to the virus. This includes producing trees and plants from seed, cuttings, grafting or any other method.

For a listing of the regulated plants and more information about the regulated area, please contact the CFIA at:
905-938-5060 or

Posted on: 5/10/2022 9:29 AM - Category: In the News