Niagara Falls continues to Crush the Curve with Declaration of State of Emergency

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Niagara Falls continues to Crush the Curve with Declaration of State of Emergency together with all other Niagara Municipalities 

Mayor Jim Diodati supported a unified message among Niagara municipalities as a Region-wide declaration of a State of Emergency, has been called.  The mayor brought notice of an impending declaration to City Council Members at a Council Meeting yesterday.  This is further to the Province of Ontario’s State of Emergency Declaration on March 17, 2020.   

A State of Emergency can only be called in a municipality by the head of council, and though Council approval was not required, Mayor Diodati says that in the spirit of speaking with one voice, he wanted to bring this forward to Members of Council in advance of the Regional declarations which were made today at 11:00AM.  

The joint Regional statement affirms “[...] our actions over the next several weeks will determine how well Niagara will fare in the COVID-19 pandemic.”  This is precisely why Mayor Diodati has come forward in support of this collective move among Niagara Cities and offers a message to residents.

“We must be more vigilant than ever in following the mandates given to us by Public Health.  Declaring an emergency does not give our cities any special considerations, powers or additional funding.  What it does is ensure all of our senses are heightened to what each of us can do and that we are all working together to Crush the Curve in our community.” 

The Crush the Curve message remains an important reminder of what people can do to help protect themselves, their loved ones and the community. 

  • Wash your hands.

  • Keep a safe physical distance from others.

  • Stay at home.  

This remains the call to action for all residents of the City of Niagara Falls.  Everyone is on the front lines during this experience along-side health care workers, transit drivers, grocery store employees and first responders and we all have a critical role to play.  Great thanks are due to all of these essential service providers and each one of us in the community doing our part.  With the vast majority of people already committed to these actions, the declaration of a State of Emergency sends a strong message to those who still are not.  Further, there is still more that can be done.  Suggestions for residents during this time of self-isolation include: 

  • checking in with senior citizens over 70 or those who are vulnerable

  • picking up food and supplies where necessary to drop off to loved ones and cut down on trips out to the store

Mayor Diodati is issuing a challenge to citizens during this next phase of dealing with COVID-19 in our community.  “Niagara Falls is a community of people that take care of one another.  I challenge each of us to reach out to 5 people per day to ask how they are doing. This connection, this outreach goes a long way toward taking care of one another, and we can do it just by picking up the phone.” 

For the latest updates to the City of Niagara Falls COVID-19 response measures and updates to city services, visit Frequently Asked Questions at  

To view the Regional declaration of a State of Emergency, visit  

For more information, or to speak with Mayor Diodati contact:

Carey Campbell
Manager, Office of the Mayor and CAO
City of Niagara Falls
Phone: 905 356 7521 ext. 4206
Cell:  905 380 4594
Email: [email protected] 


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