Snow Removal Etiquette

This winter season, residents are reminded to be a good neighbour and to practice proper snow removal etiquette.

Keep in mind, snow plows have no place to push the snow except to the curb or shoulder of the road. Sometimes this happens just after you have finished shoveling. We appreciate that this can be frustrating; however, we ask your cooperation in clearing the snow without placing it on the roadway. It is illegal (By-Law 2002-064) to push snow from your property onto the street. If you hire a private contractor to clear your driveway, make sure the contractor does not push snow into the traveled portion of the roadway, or fill in sidewalks.

Pile snow on the right side of your driveway (when facing the road) if possible when shoveling. This helps reduce the amount of snow created by the snow plow at the end of your driveway. Also, please remove snow from around fire hydrants on or near your property to enable quick access by emergency personnel if the need arises.

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Posted on: 1/8/2018 4:29 PM - Category: In the News