Roadway Snow Clearing

How and when snow is cleared from Roadways

As a snow event draws near, City of Niagara Falls staff maintains arterial and collector roads, hills, and mist-affected areas near the Falls to prevent ice.

Plowing of arterial and collector roads begins as snow accumulates. When the depth of snow has reached 8 centimetres, plowing operations commence on all municipal roadways, including residential streets and cul-de-sacs.

Residents are encouraged to use the City's online Level of Service Locator tool to look up any valid street address and determine the classification levels of the street that their residence or business is located on.

The City maintains 592 kilometres of roads and 218 kilometres of sidewalks and trails in winter. The following staff and equipment work 24/7 in response to forecasted snowfalls and storms: 

  • Over 50 personnel
  • 23 snowplows
  • 6 sidewalk plows
  • 5 front-end loaders

Click here for a list of roads in Niagara Falls maintained by the Niagara Region.