Winter Parking

Do not park on the street during snow events

Do not park on the street during a snowstorm while snow-clearing operations are underway.

Parked cars make plowing difficult, and sometimes impossible. If vehicles are not removed from city streets during plowing, and are found to contravene the by-law, they will be towed. With your help, winter maintenance crews can plow snow faster and more efficiently and you will reduce the chances of having to dig your car out of a snow drift.

Additionally, please make sure that your car is parked within your driveway. Please do not let it extend onto the street or sidewalk.

No overnight parking

By-law No. 89-2000 states that no vehicle shall be parked on either a City or Regional Road between the hours of 2:00 a.m. and 6:00 a.m. unless it is posted otherwise. This by-law is in effect 365 days a year, however, levels of enforcement change during the year. A violation of this by-law is subject to a minimum fine of $30. Overnight parking permits and special parking provisions will not be honoured during snow events.