Sidewalk Snow Clearing

Niagara Falls’ Winter Maintenance Policy Plan outlines that the City is responsible for clearing approximately 200 km of sidewalks (roughly 33%) of the 600 km of sidewalks in Niagara Falls.

City-maintained sidewalks are along high-volume roadways, high-volume pedestrian routes and school routes, as well as sidewalks in proximity to healthcare facilities.

An interactive map of the City’s maintained sidewalks can be found online: Winter Sidewalk Interactive Map. The City of Niagara Falls commences sidewalk clearing on these identified routes once a minimum of 8 cm accumulates. 

The City relies on residents to clear sidewalks adjacent to their property (if they are not included in 200 km of sidewalks that the City maintains).

Sidewalk clearing tips:

  • Be a good neighbour. Clear snow and ice from sidewalks as soon as possible after a snowfall to ensure that they are safe for all residents. Lend a hand to those who may not be physically able to shovel.
  • Please make sure that your car is parked in your driveway. Please do not let it extend onto the sidewalk.
  • Salt icy patches on the sidewalk adjacent to your property between snowfalls.
  • For safety reasons, when clearing snow and ice, property owners and occupants must ensure that the snow and ice is not placed:
    • Immediately beside or blocking access to a fire hydrant
    • In such a manner that it would block drainage to any drain, sewer catch basin or culvert
    • On a road or boulevard as it could interfere with traffic, cause an accident and can result in a ticket
  • Winter can be a difficult time for persons with disabilities to get around the community. People who use mobility devices along the sidewalks, accessible parking spaces and connecting pathways when snow and ice are on the ground. Your attention to the clearing of snow and ice, and in keeping these areas safe and accessible is greatly appreciated.