Aquatic Programs and Swimming Lessons

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Enjoy a variety of Aquatic activities in our 25M pool, with a depth from 3.4 feet to 9 feet allowing for a full range of aquatic activities for all ages and abilities. The leisure pool has a depth of  is 3.87 feet also used for swim lessons.  

Leisure and Lane Swim

Lane Swim 

You choose the lane that suits your speed and join in. Swimmers swim up one side of the lane and down the other. We have slow, medium and fast lanes.

Open Swim 

Come and enjoy the water and have fun. We may even supply some pool toys and floatation aids for added extra enjoyment.

Aqua Fit

Enjoy a variety of shallow or Deep Aqua-Fit classes. Great non-impact workouts that are fantastic for all around fitness and wellness.

Drop In Aquafit

We use the buoyancy and resistance of the water to give you a safe, effective full body workout. Focus will be on cardiovascular, muscle toning, flexibility and increased mobility. Various resistance equipment will be incorporated. This class takes place in both the shallow and deep end. Make a splash with us in this fun water class! See pool schedule for Drop in Aquafit times.

Aqua Cycle - Register 

Aqua Cycling is a fun full body exercise, easy on the joints and great for your muscles and overall toning. We use specially designed bike frames which sit stationary at the bottom of the pool. Sitting half out of the water, your legs pedal away enjoying the benefits of underwater exercise. The water provides its own benefits as the support and gentle pressure speeds up blood circulation and helps eliminate fat, burning more calories per hour than an average spinning class. Muscle soreness is reduced, and cellulite areas targeted, as the cool water massages while you move, and as with any underwater exercise your joints are subjected to far less stress. Aqua Cycling will have you feeling fitter, stronger, healthier, and happier than most land-based exercises.

Baby and Me Aquafit - Register 

A fun filled exercise program for parents or caregivers for babies age 4 months- 18 months (15 – 35lb) who ride along in floatation boats. Equipped with a floating cord that allows constant contact with your child and can also be used as a towline. The parent will enjoy a workout in the water with some baby swim time at the end of the class. Perfect to socialize with other parents and children while getting back into shape.! Babies must be able to hold their own head up upon registration of the class.

Deep Water Aquafit - Register 

A low impact, high intensity class to get you moving in the water. Participants wear flotation belts and are in the deep end for the entire class. 

Pool Admission Standards

Patrons 6 years and Under (Red Wristband)

  • Must be directly supervised by a parent, guardian or designate who is at least 16 years of age within arms reach
  • Swimmer must remain in the shallow end unless they pass the facility swim test to enter the lane pool
  • Maximum 2 children : 1 adult

Patrons ages of 7, 8 and 9 years unable to pass swim test and Under (Orange Wristband)

  • Must be directly supervised by a parent, guardian or designate who is at least 16 years of age 
  • Maximum 4 children : 1 adult

Patrons ages of 7, 8 and 9 years, pass the leisure pool swim test swim (Yellow Wristband)

  • May be admitted without caregiver supervision in the leisure pool
  • Must be directly supervised by a parent, guardian or designate who is at least 16 years of age to swim in the lane pool
  • Leisure pool swim test - Two widths of the leisure pool continuously and comfortably

Patrons ages of 7, 8 and 9 years, pass the lane pool swim test swim (Green Wristband)

  • May be admitted without caregiver supervision in the lane pool
  • Lane Pool Swim Test - Jump into deep water, tread 1 minute, swim 25m continuously and comfortably

Patrons 10 years or older

  • May enter the pool without caregiver supervision
  • Patrons who can pass the lane swim test may swim in the deep end. Patrons who cannot pass the facility swim test must remain in the shallow end. These same standards are required of all pool groups entering the facilities.

Water Slide

During regular schedule times, the Water Slide is open Friday nights from 6:00-8:30pm and Saturday's from 2:00-4:30pm. Sliders must be 48 inches tall and complete the lane pool swim test. Water slide open subject to staff availability. 

Swim Attire

The City of Niagara Falls in consultation with the Public Health Department has identified appropriate bathing war in order to meet the needs of bathers.  When using the pool all swimmers must:
- Change from street clothes to a swimsuit and/or clean clothing used for swimming only
- Swimmers may wear long-sleeved shirts or t-shirts, pants and/or traditional ethnic clothing. This clothing must permit individuals to participate safely in programs and be made of a swimming pool friendly material (no jeans, sweatpants, cotton or heavy clothing). Light Colour of Clothing is preferred.
- Those who are not completely toilet trained must wear specialized swim diapers or tight-fitting rubber pants.

Swim Change Room Conduct and Etiquette

  • The change rooms and showers are available with paid activities
  • Lockers are available in the change rooms - please bring your own lock.

Change Room Options

  • The MacBain Community Centre is equipped with three change rooms -  male, female and a universal change room
  • Male and Female change rooms are designed with open space changing
    • Children six years of age and younger may use either change room according to caregiver gender
    • Children seven years or older must use the gender appropriate change room or use the universal change room
  • The Universal change room is an accessible space for all
    • No nudity permitted in open areas
    • Bathing attire must be worn in the universal shower and common areas.   

Rates and Fees

Swimming Lessons

30 minute Class (Parent & Tot, All Preschool, Swimmer 1/2) - $81.00
45 minute class (Swimmer 3-6) - $101.30
60 minute class (Swimmer 7-9) - $121.50
Adult and Teen Lessons - $172.80
Private Swim Lessons - $270.00 (ten week session of 30 minutes)


  • For Programs, Courses, and Special Events with two or fewer classes/sessions:
    • A refund will be issued if it is more than 48 hours from the start of the course
    • No refunds will be issued within 48 hours from the start of the course
  • For Programs, Courses, and Special Events with three or more classes/sessions:
    • A refund will be issued if the class has not started
    • Once the class has started, registration fees will be refunded on a pro-rated basis
    • No refunds will be issued after the third class
  • All refunds and transfers are subject to a $10.00 administration fee, per participant
  • A full 100% refund is given if the program is cancelled by the City of Niagara Falls

Leisure and Lane Swim

Child/Youth 4yrs to 17yrs - $4.00
Adult - $5.00
Senior 60+ - $4.50
Family - $10.00

Six month Pass - For Leisure and Lane Pool visits only

Child/Youth 4yrs to 17yrs - $70.00
Adult - $135.00
Senior 60+ - $90.00
Refunds for swim passes will be issued for medical reasons with proof of medical documentation. Consideration will be given to other extenuating circumstances.

Aquafit Classes


Support Persons

A volunteer/caregiver/personal support worker accompanying a paying person requiring support enters free of charge.

Municipal Fee Assistance

We want everyone in our community to have the chance to participate. Money should not be a barrier!

Financial assistance to help with child/youth program fees.

Information about more subsidies and grants


Parents and/or guardians are welcome to watch their children during swim lessons in either the viewing gallery accessible by the pool deck, or, the seated area by the leisure pool. All outdoor shoes need to be removed. Bare feet or flip flops are allowed on the pool deck.