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Family Doctor holding a clipboard

Doctors Accepting Patients in Niagara Falls

Take a look at the family doctors currently accepting patients in Niagara Falls.Read more
Imagine Niagara Falls 2030 (logo) on a blue sky background

What's your vision for our future?

Take our short survey and tell us what's important to you and what kind of City you want ours to ...Read more
Cold winter weather

Extreme Cold Relief & Overnight Shelters

Where to stay warm, stay safe and find a hot meal when extreme cold weather hits. Free to the ...Read more
A frozen pipe is thawed by a person holding a hairdryer

Frozen Water Lines

Here are some simple things you can do to prevent or thaw frozen water lines in your home.Read more
Person shovelling snow

Winter Maintenance Tips

Be prepared and ensure your safety this winter season with these winter maintenance tips .Read more
Black and white photo of a portion of the Sports Wall of Fame

30th Annual Sports Wall of Fame Induction Ceremony

Everyone is welcome at the Gale Centre on Sunday, January 27 from 2-4 PM.Read more
A runner laces up their shoes

Walk Free & Stay on Track: November 1 - February 28

Try the indoor track at the Niagara Falls YMCA, free of charge. Adults only (16+). Conditions ...Read more
Two couples hold hands and skate at the arena.

Skate at the Gale Centre and Chippawa (Willoughby) arenas

Another great way to stay fit and get out of the house this winter. Programs, hours and location ...Read more