Cemetery Services

Cemeteries in the City of Niagara Falls have often been identified as some of the most beautiful in Southern Ontario with colourful gardens and majestic trees.

In addition to maintaining our cemeteries, City of Niagara Falls Cemetery Services is dedicated to excellent customer service and providing a courteous and caring environment, as well as addressing each family's specific needs.

The staff at Fairview Cemetery is available to provide assistance or information for the following:

  • Arrangement of interments (burials), both traditional and cremation
  • Interment rights (lot purchase) options
  • Perpetual Care and Maintenance Fund
  • The Funeral, Burial and Cremation Services Act (FBCSA)
  • Historical and Genealogical information
  • Timing and location of historical walking tours
  • Installation of markers and concrete foundations
  • Grounds maintenance (i.e. lifting flat markers)
  • Removal of overgrown shrubs
  • Commemorative Tree and Bench Program
  • Bronze Wreath for Columbaria
  • Cemetery By-Laws 
  • Maple Grove Memorial Walkway
  • Cemetery Garden Sponsorship

Flower bed and bench in the cemetery

Memorialization Options

Flower Bed Program example

Memorialization Options

Cremations account for over 60% of the interments at the City's municipal cemeteries and continue to grow annually. In comparison to a traditional burial, the memorialization of cremated remains in a columbarium, or by act of scattering, is an affordable alternative.

There are various options to choose from when deciding on a cremation burial. The City of Niagara Falls Cemeteries Services offers a variety of columbaria to select from.  Maple Grove, an area with nine columbaria and more to be added in the future, is located in a picturesque park like setting at Fairview Cemetery. Maple Grove is also home to our unique memorial pathway. Families wishing to recognize a loved one can purchase a flat marker that is installed in the pathway leading to the columbaria.

Stamford Green Heritage Columbarium is situated in the historic Old St. John's Church located on Portage Road. Constructed in 1825, this heritage designated building provides "indoor" columbaria that are accessible year round. In addition, a small area for a chapel service is also available. For additional information, visit the Stamford Green Heritage Columbarium page.

Cemetery Gardening Services

"Where flowers bloom, so does hope." ~ Lady Bird Johnson

Plots of Love, is a family owned and operated gardening service offering multi-level cemetery gardening & decor service options. From garden bed installation to full-season maintenance; to garden removal at season's end, Plots of Love seeks to conveniently provide only the services you are in need of when you need them. You can learn more about Plots of Love at www.plotsoflove.ca or facebook.com/plotsoflove.ca or call Erica Davidson at 365-880-5683 

Plots of Love

Cemetery Gardening Angels, offered through the Brain Injury Community Re-Entry (Niagara Inc.), offers a variety of services for cemetery plot gardens including: Design, planting and maintenance of loved ones plots; Personal consultation before planting; Digital photos sent via email; Supply of top soil and mulch; Supply and planting of all flowers and shrubs; Fertilize plants throughout the season; Watering, weeding, pruning and trimming throughout the season; and Spring and fall clean-up of flower beds.

For additional information, to view examples of previous gardens, or to register for the upcoming season, please visit the Cemetery Gardening Angels website or contact the Brain Injury Community Re-Entry (Niagara) Inc. offices at 905-687-6788 extension 704.

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