Cemetery Fees

Lot Sales


 2022 TOTAL FEE 

FAIRVIEW - Adult Single Lot1,795.42233.402,028.82
FAIRVIEW - Preferred Adult Single Lot2,029.51263.842,293.35
LUNDY'S LANE Adult Single Lot2,575.72334.842,910.56
LUNDY'S LANE Preferred Adult Single Lot2,809.81365.283,175.09
OTHER - Adult Single Lot2,029.51263.842,293.35
ALL - Child/Infant Single Lot - Size: 4'X5'897.70116.701,014.40
FAIRVIEW - Cremation Lot - (Single Lot)276.2235.91312.13
FAIRVIEW - Cremation Plot (Four Lots)1,014.75131.921,146.67
FAIRVIEW - Preferred Cremation Plot (Four Lots)  1,248.85162.351,411.20
LUNDY'S LANE - Cremation Plot (Four Lots)  1,994.05259.232,253.28
One Time Care & Maintenance Fee250.0032.50282.50

Niche Sales

Single Niche - Stamford Green Only  760.9898.93859.91
Double Niche 1,762.27229.101,1991.37
Triple Niche - Stamford Green Only2,253.25328.022,851.27
Single Niche - Stamford Green Only  961.24124.961,086.20
Double Niche 2,002.57260.332,262.90
Triple Niche - Stamford Green Only2,963.81385.303,349.11
Two Niche Unit (4 Urn Limit)4,250.00552.504,802.50
Four Niche Unit (8 Urn Limit)6,500.00845.007,345.00

Burial Fees

Burial Type 2022 TOTAL FEE  13% HST  TOTAL CHARGE 
Adult Casket Burial1,536.41199.731,736.14
Child/Infant Casket Burial768.2099.87868.07
Cremains Urn Burial486.1363.20549.33
Oversized Urn Burial (Companion & Urn Vaults)729.2194.80824.01
Cremains - SCATTERING - REMEMBRANCE GARDEN300.2039.03339.23
Cremains- SCATTERING - OTHER176.1022.89198.99
Interment Cancellation - Casket (If lot already open)364.1447.34411.48
Interment Cancellation - Urn (If lot/niche already open)  182.0723.67205.74

Niche Inurnments

Inurnments Type 2022 TOTAL FEE  13% HST  TOTAL CHARGE 
Single Inurnment382.8749.77432.64
Double Cremain Inurnment*          82.8610.7793.63
Dis-Inter Niche Urn182.0723.67205.74

*Administration fee for the 2nd inurnment if taking place at the same time as the first and in the same Niche

Dis-Interment Services

Service Description 2022 TOTAL FEE  13% HST  TOTAL CHARGE 
Dis-interment Only *2,601.00338.132,939.13
Dis-interment & Re-interment4,448.44578.305,026.74
Cremains Dis-interment Only *732.0895.17827.25
Cremains Dis-interment & Re-interment                    1,240.18161.221,401.40

* Remains are removed from Municipal Cemetery

Interment Surcharges

Late Arrivals - After 3:00 pm Mon-Sat, Sun & Holidays (Each 1/2 Hour)115.0914.96130.05
Sunday & Holiday Casket Burial - Scheduled between 11:00 a.m. & 2:00 p.m.874.67113.71988.38
Sunday /Holiday Cremains Burial - Scheduled between 11:00 a.m. & 2:00 p.m. 437.3456.85494.19
TENT RENTAL (All Interment Services)138.1117.95156.06
Less Than 8 Working Hours Casket Burial Order276.2235.91312.13
Less Than 8 Working Hours Cremains Burial Order138.1117.95156.06

Administration Services

Service 2022 TOTAL FEE  13% HST   TOTAL CHARGE  
Interment Rights Transfer, Exchange or Sell Back82.8610.7793.63
Interment Rights Replacement/Duplicate41.435.3946.82
Cremains Urn Burial - Double (Admin. Fee) *COMPANION URN*                      82.8610.7793.63
Cemetery Records Search (charge per hour)41.435.3946.82

Niche Memorial Products

BRONZE WREATH-Maple Grove902.66117.351,020.01
GLASS - Single Niche-Stamford Green90.2711.74102.01
GLASS - Double Niche-Stamford Green180.5323.47204.00
GLASS - Triple Niche-Stamford Green225.0029.25254.25
BRONZE PLATE - Single Niche-Stamford Green                676.9988.01765.00
BRONZE PLATE - Double Niche-Stamford Green1,353.98176.021,530.00
BRONZE PLATE - Triple Niche-Stamford Green2,030.97264.032,295.00
Key FOB (extra) Stamford Green18.052.3520.40

Cemetery & Park Memorial Program

Memorial Tree with 4"X2 1/2" name tag750.000.00750.00
Memorial Bench with 3" x 6" plate installed on back of bench    2,500.000.002,500.00
Memorial Bench with bronze plaque (8" x 10") & stand3,250.000.003,250.00

Foundation / Marker / Installation Services

Service 2022 TOTAL FEE  13% HST  TOTAL CHARGE  
Foundation Installation - Up to 36"785.00102.05887.05
Foundation Installation - 36" to 48"900.00117.001,017.00
Foundation Installation - 49" to 60"1,216.00158.081,374.08
Foundation Installation - 61" to 72"1,331.00173.031,504.03
Foundation Installation - 73" to 90"1,510.00196.301,706.30
Veteran Upright Marker Setting338.1143.95382.06
Small Flat Marker Setting Under 172 Square Inches    142.0818.47160.55
Large Flat Marker Setting Over 172 Square Inches238.1130.95269.06
Corner Markers Setting (Per set of 4)142.0818.47160.55


  1. Interment / Disinterment Services
    1. All Committal Service scheduling is at the approval of the Cemetery Services based on location, weather, staff availability & the number of services requested.
    2. Monday to Saturday Interment Services (except on Statutory or City Holidays) may be scheduled between 9:00 a.m. & 3:00 p.m. only.
    3. Sunday & Statutory Holiday Interment Services may be scheduled between 11:00 a.m. & 2:00 p.m. An interment surcharge will apply.
    4. A "Scheduled" Funeral Late Arrival & other interment surcharges will apply as indicated in the Cemetery Fee Schedule - "Interment Surcharges".
    5. Funeral late arrivals (arriving after the scheduled time) will be subject to an additional fee.
    6. Funeral Directors are responsible for advising families, in advance, of potential funeral late charges & applicable surcharges.
    7. Dis-interments may be scheduled from May 1st to November 1st only and at the discretion of the Cemetery Manager or designate.
    8. The Funeral Director is responsible for the scheduling & all related costs for disinterments including: casket/urn/vault removal - vault/urn unsealing & resealing - Niagara Regional Health Unit Approval and Attendance.
    9. One Time Care & Maintenance Fee is charged for an interment (Full Body or Cremation) that takes place in a lot (grave) that was purchased prior to 1955.
  2. Interment Right Sales
    1. The Interment Rights Holder owns the interment rights to a single lot, plot and/or niche. The Interment Rights Holder must abide by the regulations stipulated in the Cemetery By-law, including the installation of a monument, maintenance of a flowerbed or other memorialization.
    2. The Interment Rights Holder may transfer, exchange or sell-back a plot, single lot or niche at any time before an interment takes place. If the above Interment Rights have not been used, the Purchaser may, in writing to the City within thirty (30) days from the signing of the contract, cancel this contract and receive a full refund. Following thirty (30) days, the Purchaser may be eligible for a full refund less the Care & Maintenance Fees.
  3. Resale/Transfers: The Rights Holder may resell unused lots/plots/niches to the City of Niagara Falls for a refund of the current Cemetery Fee. Rights Holder may also resell unused lots/plots/niches privately. The City reserves first right of refusal for all resell/sell back of Interment Rights (i.e. lots, plots and niches). All documents pertaining to the original sale must be returned to the Cemetery office. An administration charge will apply, in accordance with the current Cemetery Fees Schedule.
  4. Payment: Interment Rights (lot sales) must be paid in full before any burial and/or memorialization can take place. Payment for a burial service (casket, cremation, niche, scatter) is due no later than the day of the service. Credit Card, Debit, Cheque are the only acceptable methods of payment.
  5. Inquiries: All inquiries or concerns should be received in person at the Fairview Cemetery office, on Stanley Avenue, Monday through Saturday 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., or by calling (905)354-4721 Monday through Friday 8:00a.m. to 4:00pm. Saturday appointments must be made at least 48 hours in advance. Mark Richardson, Manager of Cemetery Services