Stamford Green Heritage Columbarium


3394 Portage Rd. - located in the "old" St John’s Church


The Old St. John’s Church was built in 1825 and deconsecrated in 1962. The Old St. John’s Stamford Heritage Association took on the task of restoring the old church and having it designated as an historically significant building. The Association put the old church to good use in 1990 by opening a Columbarium. The Columbarium is designed for memorializing the deceased person by entombing their cremated remains in niches.

In September, 2004, the Association signed an agreement with the City to take over the administration and operation of the Columbarium. The Association continues to be actively involved in an advisory capacity as well as their commitment to the heritage activities of the Old St. John’s Church.

Their funding efforts provide for ongoing improvements to the heritage building. In 2011, the Association paid over $80,000 toward the upgrade of the roof and exterior walls. For more information about the Old St. John’s Stamford Heritage Association, please contact Bob Sones at 905-353-0678.

This is an "active" Columbarium. For additional information, please contact Cemetery Services at 905-354-4721 or through the Contact Page. The St. John’s Church cemetery is located behind and to the north of the old church. Inquiries for this cemetery should be addressed to the St. John’s Anglican Church.

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