Water Billing Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does the City sell water filtration equipment?

    No.  The City does not sell water filtration equipment and is not associated with any water filtration vendors, including door-to-door salespeople.  

    Ontario has banned door-to-door sales of water filters, making this activity illegal (as of March 1, 2018). Visit the Ontario News Release to read more about the ban and to see the list of other items this law applies to. Those with concerns can contact the Niagara Regional Police at 905-688-4111.

    Recent concerns brought to our attention claim door to door salespeople are selling water filtration equipment or requesting an inspection of your water lines indicating they are working in conjunction with the City of Niagara Falls or the Province of Ontario. 

    They are also requesting personal information on your utility accounts.  You are not required to provide access or information to anyone.

    Be advised the City has no association with the group, and does not support or sell water filtration equipment. If a City employee is required to enter your household, they will provide proper identification and will be driving in a vehicle clearly marked as The City of Niagara Falls.

    You are not required to provide access or information to anyone.

    Only City employees will be dressed in City uniforms, provide proper identification and drive clearly marked City vehicles.  

    If you have any concerns about City work, please contact Environmental Services at 905-356-7521 ext. 6322.

    For more information on our Water System, click here.

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  • How are water bills calculated?

    Water bills are calculated by the addition of the following charges: There are four charges on every residential water bill: -Water and Sewer Volumetric Charges- Based on the consumption of water used. -Water and Sewer Service Charges- Flat rate charges based on the size of the water meter at the property.

    Current Water and Wastewater Rates 

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  • How do I change my mailing address?

    To change your mailing address, you must submit a formal request through one of the options listed below, which will require your name, service address, account number, phone number and the new mailing address information.

    • Complete the online Mailing Address Change Form 
    • Complete the online Mailing Address Change request through your MyCity Dashboard account
    • Mail a letter requesting the change to: P. O. Box 1023 4310 Queen St., Niagara Falls, ON L2E 6X5
    • Email the request to [email protected]
    • Fill out the Mailing Address Change Request Form in person at City Hall or the Macbain Community Centre
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  • How do I change or add a name on a water account?

    To change or add a name to a water account, you must submit a formal request through one of the following options:

    1. Emailing the request to [email protected]

    2. Mailing in a letter requesting the change to: P.O. Box 1023 4310 Queen St., Niagara Falls, ON L2E 6X5

    Once your request is received, a staff member will contact you if supporting documentation is required to complete your request.

    For all registered owner's water accounts, the name that is requested to be added to the water account must also appear on the registered ownership of the property.  

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  • How do I do a manual read?

    To manually read your water meter read the digits from left to right including the black shaded area. The small red triangle on the meter indicates water usage. If the triangle is moving water is being used.Categories: Water Billing

  • How do I find out if I have a leak?

    There are a few simple tests to try:
    Record the meter reading before going to bed or leaving the house for a few hours. Ensure that no water is being used then check the meter again when you return. The water meter reading should be the exact same. If the reading has changed, it is likely you have a leak.
    90% of leaks in residential plumbing are found in the toilet tank. A simple test to check a toilet for leaks is to place food colouring in the tank of the toilet. Do not touch the toilet for 10-15 minutes. If any of the colouring appears in the toilet bowl then the toilet has a leak.
    Inspect any fixtures that are connected to your water supply including, but not limited to:
    Household taps (inside and out)
    Water-cooled air conditioners
    Underground lawn sprinkler systemsCategories: Water Billing

  • How do I set up a new water account?

    New Owners: We'll need two documents from your lawyer.  Before the sale closes, please have your lawyer send a letter requesting a final meter reading, noting your name and the expected closing date.  Once the sale closes, your lawyer must send a copy of the updated deed so we can officially set up a new account in your name.

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  • How do I sign up for e-billing?

    To sign up for e-billing you will need to submit a formal request by one of the following options:

    • Email [email protected] requesting the billing method change and include your name, service address and water account number.
    • Request e-billing through your MyCIty Dashboard account.
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  • How is my meter read if the reader does not go inside my house?

    There is a transmitter on the outside of your home that is connected by wire to your meter on the interior of your property. Once every two months the meter readers go to your property and read the meter from the outdoor transmitter.  

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  • How much does it cost to fill my pool?

    Use the Water Bill Calculator to estimate the cost of filling your pool. 

    You'll need to know volume of your pool in cubic metres. If you know only the number of litres in your pool, simply divide that amount by 1,000. (There are 1,000 litres in 1 cubic metre.)

    There are no rebates or discounts for any portion of your water bill when filling a pool.

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  • How often is my water bill issued?

    Water bills are issued every two months for residential accounts and monthly for commercial accounts.Categories: Water Billing

  • I'm moving and need to finalize my account. What should I do?

    If you own the property: A letter must be sent from your lawyer before the closing date requesting a final meter reading. The letter should include the name of the purchaser, the closing date and a forwarding address for your final bill. The letters can be faxed to 905-356-2082 or emailed to [email protected].

    If you are a tenant at the property with the water bill currently in your name: Please call 905-356-7521 ext. 4347 or email [email protected] before you move out the property. Please indicate the date you are moving out and a forwarding address for your final bill.

    Once we receive the necessary information from the lawyer and/or yourself we will have the meter reader go to the property on the closing date or move out date and read the meter. We will then finalize your account and send your final bill to the forwarding address provided.

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  • My water bill has been consistent now suddenly it is very high. Why has this happened?

    A sudden increase in your water bill may be due to a number of reasons including:
    -A leak at the property
    -A number of estimated readings followed by an actual reading. If your water usage was under estimated and your consumption was actually higher than what was estimated you will see an increase in your current bill.
    -An increase in the number of people living at the property
    -An increase in water usage due to watering, filling a pool, etc.Categories: Water Billing

  • What happens if I cannot pay my bill by the due date?

    All outstanding balances are subject to 1.25% penalty, to be added to the water account at the beginning of each month.

    Homeowner accounts with a balance of $200 or greater, 31 days overdue, are subject to outstanding balance transferred to property tax roll. A $30 transfer fee will apply.

    Tenant accounts will be subject to disconnection after 31 days past due. In addition to the late penalties noted above, $225.04 in associated fees will be applied ($30 collection $97.52 shut off $97.52 turn on).

    If you are unable to pay your balance in full by the due date, please call 905-356-7521 ext 4310 or 4347, or email at [email protected]

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  • What payment options are available to pay my water bill?

    Mail: Cheques may be mailed to City of Niagara Falls, P.O Box 1023, Niagara Falls, ON, L2E 6X5

    Online Banking: Payments may be made through your online banking app or website.  Your account number is noted at the top of your bill.  If you have trouble finding us as a payee, please contact your bank for assistance.

    Telebanking: Payments may be made over the phone through participating banks, credit unions and trust companies.

    Pre-Authorized or Equal Billing: More information and application forms are available on our website and the MyCity Dashboard

    In Person: At banks, credit unions, and trust companies in Niagara Falls (up to and including the due date).

    Credit Card: Through your MyCity Dashboard account you now have the option to pay your water bill by credit card (1.75% processes fee applies).  

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  • Where can I buy a new bulk water card?

    Bulk water cards may be purchased through the Water Department, located at our Municipal Service Centre (3200 Stanley Avenue).  For more information, call 905-356-1355 ext 6322.

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  • Where is my water meter located?

    Most meters are located in the basement of the property, along the front wall near the floor. Other common places include basement washrooms and laundry rooms.Categories: Water Billing

  • Why did the water meter reader leave me a card?

    If the meter reader is unable to obtain a water meter reading at your property for billing, you may see an estimated water meter read on your recent water bill for that billing period. This could be because the transmitter is giving an error message, there is a locked gate preventing access to a touchpad, there is a dog at the property etc.  If the meter readers are unable to get a reading two consecutive periods in a row, you will receive a letter from our office informing you of the issue.  The letter will ask you to submit a manual water meter read to our office for the purpose of billing and to book an appointment with the Municipal Service Centre to investigate the issue to ensure regular readings are taking place for accurate billing.

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