Pre-Authorized Tax Payment Plan


  • Payments automatically deducted from account; no postage or line-ups; no cheques to write; no due dates to remember
  • Payments always on time - Monthly (12 times a year)

Who Is Eligible

  • All Niagara Falls taxpayers (both realty and business taxes ) whose taxes are paid in full
  • Property must be fulled assessed.
  • May be cancelled at taxpayers option

How The Plan Works

  • Applicants will be notified in writing of the monthly payment to be deducted on the 16th day of each month.
  • Annually, in June, the monthly payment will be revised to provide for payment of the year's taxes by December. Notification of the revised monthly amount will appear on the Final Tax Notice.
  • Returned payments (NSF, etc.) will be subject to penalty and interest charges.

How To Apply

Signed forms are required. Please pick them up from the Finance Division at City Hall or the Customer Service Centre in the MacBain Centre.  Download the Application Form.


Questions regarding this program can be directed to Anna D'Amico at 905-356-7521 ext 4309