Community Curbside Giveaway

2024 Dates:

  • SATURDAY, APRIL 13, 2024 
  • SATURDAY, OCTOBER 12, 2024

Events take place between 7:00 am to 5:00 pm

One person’s unwanted but reusable items are someone else’s treasure. During Curbside Giveaway Days, place used items that are in good condition on your property (next to the sidewalk or curb) for others to take. This initiative gives useful items a new life while keeping them out of the landfill. It also encourages recycling, builds a stronger community and contributes to a more sustainable city.

Mark your items as “FREE” with a free Community Curbside Giveaway Sign, or create your own, and set them out on the event day morning between 7 a.m. and 5 p.m. If you wish to donate any leftover items, please contact a local charity or schedule a large item collection with the Niagara Region. (Scroll down to see what else you can do with leftover items.)

Promote your Giveaway items online!

Let everyone know about the great items you're giving away! Check out the Facebook Event to share photos and descriptions. Just remember, this is a public event and your photos and any other information you share may be seen by anyone. On Instagram and Twitter, use #nfcurbside to reach more people, too!

Curbside giveaway etiquette and safety tips

  • Place signs on items with the word “FREE”.  You can download one here or make your own.
  • Keep items you do not want to give away close to your house, or inside, to avoid confusion.
  • Giveaway Program items should still be in good condition for re-use.
  • Keep sidewalks and fire hydrants clear.
  • Obey traffic laws at all times (e.g., don't block traffic, park illegally or block others' driveways).
  • Material must be removed from the curb by 7 p.m. Saturday to avoid by-law violations (and potential fines).

What can be placed at the curb?

  • appliances (please remove all doors from large appliances)
  • artwork
  • bicycles
  • books
  • CDs/DVDs
  • clothes
  • computers and electronics
  • dishes and cutlery
  • furniture (with no glass panels)
  • kitchen gadgets and utensils
  • musical instruments
  • plants and potted trees
  • pots and pans
  • sporting goods
  • toys
  • tools
  • usable paint and building materials
  • yard and garden tools and equipment
  • other durable goods

 What shouldn’t be placed at the curb?

  • items that are not re-usable
  • dangerous or illegal items
  • mattresses (please schedule a large item collection)

Visit the Consumer Product Safety Bureau to find out about items that aren’t safe to give away.

Visit the Niagara Region's waste management website to find out about how to dispose of household hazardous waste and other household items.

What can I do with left over items?

All items must be removed from the curb by 5 p.m. and shall not remain at the curb overnight.

  • Consider donating items to local charitable, non-profit organizations, or community groups such as Goodwill.
  • Post items for sale on-line on various selling sites or groups.

Material that cannot be donated or sold online can be set out for garbage collection on your regularly scheduled collection day or brought to the landfill for disposal (tipping fees will apply). 

  • If material can not fit within a garbage bag, eligible items can be placed curbside for collection on their regularly scheduled collection day by scheduling a large item collection either online or by calling the waste collection contractor at least two business days before their regular collection day (available for single family homes and apartment buildings of two to six units only).
  • Purchase additional garbage tags for additional garbage over property set-out limit and collection on your regularly scheduled collection day (available for single family homes and apartment buildings of two to six units only).

Remember, any material not removed by 7 p.m. on Saturday could result in a by-law violation. Please remove any remaining Giveaway items near the sidewalk or at the curb by 5 p.m.  The City will not collect any items left at the curb.

For more information on the Community Curbside Giveaway, please email or call 905-356-7521 ext. 3330 (City of Niagara Falls, Recreation & Culture Department) during regular business hours.