City of Niagara Falls Launches Adopt-A-Hydrant Program

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Residents are encouraged to keep hydrants clear during winter months to aid first responders’ efforts.NIAGARA FALLS, ON - Significant winter storms often hide fire hydrants under the snow, forcing first responders to locate and shovel out hydrants before hooking up their hoses, losing precious time that could have been spent containing a fire and saving lives.

The City of Niagara Falls’ new Adopt-A-Hydrant program encourages residents to keep fire hydrants clear, helping firefighters quickly find and use the hydrant in an emergency.

Starting today, residents interested in adopting a hydrant can visit and follow the step-by-step instructions to adopt one of the City’s 3,080 fire hydrants.

During winter months, please clear a one-meter (three-foot) radius around the hydrant, as well as a one-meter wide path from the hydrant to the curb.

In the summer, keep trees and hedges cut back and keep the hydrant free of grass, weeds, and debris.

For more information, contact:
Erik Nickel
General Manager of Municipal Works
City of Niagara Falls
[email protected]

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