New Logo Encapsulates NFMYAC's Spirit:

Diversity, Inclusion, Growth, Individuality, Innovation, Creativity and Community

NIAGARA FALLS, ON - New look, same NFMYAC! The Niagara Falls Mayor’s Youth Advisory Committee is excited to unveil their new logo with a fresh new look designed by A.N. Myer student Christie Wang.

"Although I loved MYAC's original logo, I felt that with the opportunity of creating a renewal of the design, I could introduce a fun, modern take on the logo," says winning designer Christie Wang (A.N. Myer S.S.). "While coming up with ideas for the design, I mainly experimented with digital brush calligraphy on Procreate. After putting together the font, I decided to make a blob-like shape in the background, in a muted red, to pay homage to MYAC's original colours. Lastly, I felt that the most important aspect of MYAC was the idea of community, which led me to incorporate a looped drawing of two people."

The first NFMYAC logo was designed almost 20 years ago! That’s longer than any of the current committee members have been on this planet. With a desire for a fresh new look, NFMYAC launched a logo contest in March of this year. Open to all post-secondary students across the city, the contest was a huge success: the team was overjoyed by the variety and quality of the submissions. The logos were submitted for blind review by Mayor Jim Diodati and NFMYAC. On May 5, the winning logo was officially adopted.

The original logo was designed by Marcel Merola, a then grade 12 student at Stamford Collegiate, and NFMYAC member. The logo helped identify the committee for many years and Marcel’s work was definitely appreciated and put to good use. NFMYAC looks forward to updating their image online and in the community with the new logo.

“I am constantly amazed by the talents of students in Niagara Falls. Our new logo perfectly encapsulates the diverse, unique and colourful essence of the committee. Moving into the digital age, it is important to evolve our image to properly represent the youth in our community," says Oishi Ray (A.N. Myer S.S.), Co-Chair of NFMYAC's Giving Back sub-committee.

“I believe our redesigned logo represents NFMYAC’s ability to evolve and grow as we adapt to suit the needs of our changing community. The innovation and creativity used to design the logo are traits our entire committee hopes to embody as we move forward and continue to serve the youth,” says Ann Sony (Saint Michael C.H.S.), Co-Chair of NFMYAC's Giving Back sub-committee.

The Giving Back sub-committee, responsible for organizing the Logo Contest, is one of four subcommittees that make up the Niagara Falls Mayor’s Youth Advisory Committee. Information about the logo contest rules and other NFMYAC projects can be found on their Current Projects page.

NFMYAC is known for its involvement in highlighting youth empowerment, environmental preservation, giving back to the community, and providing social opportunities for students to connect in the spirit of fun. The committee provides a voice for the youth of Niagara Falls, informs Council regarding important matters affecting high school students, and acts as a positive advocate for youth. To see what they're up to lately, follow @nfmyac on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

About the artist
Christie Wang is a grade 12 student at A.N. Myer Secondary School and plans to attend her dream program, Fashion, at Ryerson University in the fall. In her spare time, she loves creating art, especially painting and drawing portraits. Christie received a $100 honorarium for her design.

For more information, contact:
Beth Angle, NFMYAC Staff Liaison
City of Niagara Falls
905-356-7521 ext 3336
[email protected]

Posted on: 5/10/2021 2:13 PM - Category: Media Releases