City Wide Tree Inventory

Conducting a tree inventory is a proactive management strategy that many municipalities throughout North America are undertaking. Ultimately a first step in urban forest management, the data that is being collected will be used by City staff to further refine ongoing maintenance strategies, such as Emerald Ash Borer management, hazard mitigation, and planning for biodiversity to name a few. 

Over the next six to eight weeks, Niagara Falls residents can expect to run into one of seven Davey Resource Group team members working throughout the City.  These individuals will be collecting 22 attributes for approximately 30,000 trees along the City of Niagara Falls right-of-ways and parks. Information that is being recorded includes tree identification, measurements, condition ratings and appraisal values, using the latest in GPS and GIS technology.

The City will use this data to better manage their growing assets over the next several years. This information can also be inputted into peer-reviewed analysis tools such as i-Tree to better quantify in monetary terms, the ecological benefits Niagara Falls urban forests provides for their community such as storm-water retention and carbon sequestration.

For more information, please contact Steve Robinson, Operations Manager, Davey Resource Group at or visit 

Posted on: 8/25/2016 8:41 AM - Category: In the News