Send a shout out to your favourite Crossing Guard during School Crossing Guard Appreciation Day

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The Municipal School Crossing Programs of Niagara is encouraging residents to show their support and appreciation for their neighbourhood Crossing Guards on School Crossing Guard Appreciation Day: March 25, 2020.

Join us by celebrating the School Crossing Guards across the Province of Ontario in this 2nd Annual event!

Help us recognize the individuals across our city, whose assistance helps young residents with their safe daily commutes to and from school.

Support your local School Crossing Guards by:

  • Guard signals you to stop; all cyclists and drivers must stop
  • Understand and follow the posted speed limits, especially in school zones
  • Always check before turning at intersections
  • Remain stopped until all pedestrians and guard have cleared the crossing. It is the Law.
  • Do not drop kids off in NO Stopping and NO parking zones

Residents can also show their support & appreciation for their neighbourhood guards by sending a Thank You Card. To learn more about becoming a School Crossing Guard, please visit the City of Niagara Falls School Crossing Guard webpage for further information.

For more information, please contact:

Sgt. Josh Klop. Niagara Regional Police Services. 905-688-4111 Ext. 5500, [email protected]

Julie Ellis. City of Niagara Falls, 905-356-7521 Ext. 5212, [email protected] 

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