Outdoor and Indoor Cooling Stations in the City

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With high temperatures expected to continue in Niagara Falls until the weekend, the City wants to remind residents and visitors that indoor cooling stations are available around the City. These stations are free and open to everyone during operating hours.

The City’s pools and splash pads are also a great, fun way to cool off outside! 

Precautions you can take during the warm weather, include:

  • Plan outdoor activities during cooler parts of the day
  • Rest frequently in shaded areas
  • Drink plenty of fluids (unless fluid is restricted by your physician)
  • Never leave infants, children or pets in a parked car
  • Dress in cool, loose clothing and shade your head with a hat or umbrella
  • Take cool showers or baths until you feel refreshed

For more information, visit niagarafalls.ca

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