Niagara Region's 2018 Consolidated Financial Statements Result in a Clean Audit Opinion

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Niagara Region’s 2018 year-end financial statement audit by third party Deloitte LLP has been completed and resulted in an unmodified audit opinion with no management letter points. Each year, this audit represents an objective examination and evaluation of the financial statements of Niagara Region to ensure the records are a fair and accurate representation of the transactions they represent.

The third party auditor’s report concluded the financial statements conform to Canadian Public Sector Accounting and present fairly, in all material respects the financial position of Niagara Region.

Typically, during a corporation’s year-end audit engagement, the auditors will provide management a list of suggestions on ways to improve practices. For the second consecutive year, Deloitte LLP felt that these suggestions were unnecessary and issued no management letter points during the 2018 audit engagement.?

"Receiving a clean audit opinion for the second year in a row reflects the Region and Council’s commitment to organizational excellence in our financial reporting." ~ Tim Rigby, Councillor and Audit Chair

"I’m proud to see that once again Niagara Region has gone above and beyond to ensure our financial statements meet the reporting requirements and continue our track record of no management letter points." ~ Todd Harrison, Commissioner, Enterprise Resource Management Services - Treasurer

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