Trail listing in Niagara Falls including the Trail Name, distance in metres and other details
NameDistance (metres)Details
Deerfield Park Pathway (Garner Recreational Trail)297.47Details
Edgewood Woodlot Park Pathway (Garner Recreational Trail)422.56Details
Fernwood Park Trail840.67Details
Garner Neighbourhood Trail (Garner Recreational Trail)654.59Details
Garner Park Pathway369.54Details
Gary Hendershot Memorial Trail528.03Details
George Bukator Trail1895.4Details
Haulage Road Trail1239.91Details
Hunter's Creek Trail1043.28Details
Laura Secord Commemorative Trail (Part of the Bruce Trail)4780.96Details
Millennium Recreational Trail - John McCall MacBain Pathway2088.58Details
Millennium Recreational Trail - Niagara Falls Lions Legacy Pathway1139.42Details
Millennium Recreational Trail - Paisley Janvary - Pool Pathway (Closed to Fall 2019)1322.64Details
Millennium Recreational Trail - Rotary Storywalk Pathway1102.93Details
Millennium Recreational Trail (Canada 150 Pathway)830.06Details
NS&T Trail I3083.15Details
NS&T Trail II1025.35Details
NS&T Trail III1607.31Details
Olympic Torch Run Legacy Trail1384.22Details
Warren Woods Recreational Trail2103.87Details

Niagara River Recreational Trail

NOTE: A portion of the Niagara River Recreational Trail does run through the City of Niagara Falls. This trail is governed and maintained by The Niagara Parks Commission. For questions or concerns on this trail, please call The Niagara Parks Commission at 905-356-2241 or visit Niagara Parks' website.

Trails and Cycling

The Park in the City Committee maintains a Trails and Cycling Page. On that page are various events, downloadable files and links to other related websites.

RZone Policy and Incident Reports

The City of Niagara Falls has a policy in place for all of our facilities regarding the enforcement of vandalism, abuse, harassment and more. You can view the policy, brochure and incident report on the Niagara Falls RZone page.

Multi-use Trails Etiquette

Trails (or paths) for non-motorized use have become very popular resulting in congested and potentially hazardous situations. Regardless of whether you are bicycling, walking, jogging, or skating, if you follow the same set of rules as everyone else, your trip will be safer and more enjoyable. The City of Niagara Falls has various trails and hope to add more in the future. It is important that residents and visitors feel safe along our trails.

You can help make the trails safe for everyone by using the following guidelines:

Be Courteous

All trail users, including bicyclists, joggers, walkers, wheelchairs, skateboarders, roller bladers and in-line skaters, should be respectful of other users regardless of their mode, speed or level of skill.

Be Predictable

Travel in a consistent and predictable manner. Always look behind before changing positions on the trail.

Don't Block The Trail

When in a group or with your pets, use no more than half the trail so as not to block the flow of other users.

Keep Right

Stay as near to the right side of the trail as is safe, except when passing another user.

Pass On The Left

Pass others, going your direction, on their left. Yield to slower and on-coming traffic. Use hand signals to alert those behind you of your moves. Look ahead and back to make sure the lane is clear before you pull out and pass. Pass with ample separation and do not move back to the right until safely past. Remember: Kids and pets can be unpredictable.


When stopping, move off of the trail. Beware of others approaching you from behind and make sure they know you are pulling over.

Give Audible Warning Before Passing

Give a clear signal by using voice, bell or horn before passing. Give the person you are passing time to respond. Watch for their reaction. So that you can hear these signals.

Obey All Traffic Signs And Signals

Use extra caution where trails cross streets. Stop at all signs and intersections and be cautious when crossing driveways. When entering or crossing a trail yield to traffic on the trail.

No Motorized Vehicles Allowed

Do not access any trail with a motorized vehicle. This includes riding an e-bike while propelled by the motor.

Poop And Scoop - Dog On Leash

Respect the trail and others using the trail. Please pick-up after your pet. A reminder that all dogs must carry a valid dog license and must be kept on leash at all times.

Use Lights At Night

Be equipped with lights when using a trail at any time from dusk to dawn. Bicyclists should have a white light visible from five- hundred feet to the front and a red or amber light visible from five-hundred feet to the rear. Other trail users should have white lights visible from two-hundred fifty feet to the front, and a red or amber light visible from two-hundred fifty feet to the rear.

Don't Use A Trail Under The Influence Of Alcohol Or Drugs....and No Smoking

Don't overestimate the safety of any trail. You may need all of your reflexes quickly -- don't have them impaired. People cannot smoke on our trails or other City parks, walkways or facility properties.

Be Respectful Of Private Property

Trails are open to the public, but often the land on the side of the trail is private property. Please respect all property rights.

Clean Up Litter

Do not leave glass, paper, cans, plastic, or any other debris on or near a trail. If you drop something, please remove it immediately.

Have You Outgrown Trails?

Trails have engineering and design limits. If your speed or style endangers other users, check for alternative routes better suited to your needs. Selecting the right location is safer and more enjoyable for all concerned.