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NameCemeteryInterment DateDetails Link
Yovanovich, KatharineLundy's Lane Cemetery02/14/2020Details
Yovetich, DjuroLundy's Lane Cemetery11/04/1972Details
Yovetich, YovankaLundy's Lane Cemetery11/04/1972Details
Ytsma, JantjeLundy's Lane Cemetery06/18/1954Details
Yuchinuk, JohnLundy's Lane Cemetery05/07/1942Details
Yuhasz, BenjaminLundy's Lane Cemetery08/05/2008Details
Yuhasz, JamesFairview Cemetery08/13/2020Details
Yuhasz, JasonFairview Cemetery10/31/1989Details
Yuhasz, JeanLundy's Lane Cemetery10/27/2000Details
Yule, AlexanderFairview CemeteryDetails
Yule, JeanFairview CemeteryDetails
Yurcich, WilmaLundy's Lane Cemetery01/30/2012Details

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