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NameCemeteryInterment DateDetails Link
Miller, DanahMiller Family Burial GroundDetails
Miller, DavidMiller Family 2 Burial PlaceDetails
Miller, DavidFairview CemeteryDetails
Miller, DellaFairview CemeteryDetails
Miller, DinahMiller Family Burial GroundDetails
Miller, DufferinFairview CemeteryDetails
Miller, EdithFairview CemeteryDetails
Miller, EdnaFairview Cemetery02/06/2010Details
Miller, ElizaDrummond Hill Cemetery08/31/1897Details
Miller, ElizabethMiller Family Burial GroundDetails
Miller, EllenDrummond Hill Cemetery02/07/1918Details
Miller, EllenFairview Cemetery02/03/1904Details
Miller, EmilyLundy's Lane Cemetery03/08/2003Details
Miller, EmmaFairview CemeteryDetails
Miller, EmmaAll Saints Church CemeteryDetails
Miller, EvaMiller Family 2 Burial PlaceDetails
Miller, EveMiller Family 2 Burial PlaceDetails
Miller, EvelynLundy's Lane Cemetery02/06/1979Details
Miller, FannyMiller Family 2 Burial PlaceDetails
Miller, FrancesAll Saints Church CemeteryDetails
Miller, FrankFairview Cemetery01/30/1903Details
Miller, FranklinDrummond Hill Cemetery07/02/1909Details
Miller, FranklinFairview CemeteryDetails
Miller, FredFairview CemeteryDetails
Miller, FrederickWilloughby Church Cemetery06/15/1915Details
Miller, GenevieveFairview CemeteryDetails
Miller, GilbertDrummond Hill Cemetery04/06/1902Details
Miller, GladysFairview Cemetery12/04/2002Details
Miller, GloriaFairview CemeteryDetails
Miller, GordonFairview Cemetery04/15/1976Details
Miller, GordonFairview CemeteryDetails
Miller, HannahAll Saints Church CemeteryDetails
Miller, HarrietAll Saints Church CemeteryDetails
Miller, HarriettFairview Cemetery03/04/1994Details
Miller, HarryFairview Cemetery10/04/1984Details
Miller, HarryLundy's Lane Cemetery07/29/1977Details
Miller, HazelFairview Cemetery10/01/2012Details
Miller, HelenFairview Cemetery10/12/2019Details
Miller, HenryAll Saints Church CemeteryDetails
Miller, HenryMiller Family Burial GroundDetails
Miller, HenryFairview Cemetery12/03/1925Details
Miller, HermanLundy's Lane Cemetery12/14/1964Details
Miller, IvyLundy's Lane Cemetery12/15/2001Details
Miller, IvyLundy's Lane Cemetery04/06/1977Details
Miller, JacobMiller Family Burial GroundDetails
Miller, JacobMiller Family Burial GroundDetails
Miller, JamesAll Saints Church CemeteryDetails
Miller, JamesFairview Cemetery02/01/2014Details
Miller, JamesDrummond Hill Cemetery05/10/1875Details
Miller, JaneFairview CemeteryDetails

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