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NameCemeteryInterment DateDetails Link
Kuska, MilicaLundy's Lane Cemetery04/15/2019Details
Kuska, MilicaLundy's Lane Cemetery04/15/2019Details
Kuska, StefanFairview CemeteryDetails
Kutzera, MaxLundy's Lane Cemetery10/08/1992Details
Kuusk, JaakLundy's Lane Cemetery07/23/1962Details
Kuusk, JohanLundy's Lane Cemetery08/04/1979Details
Kuyer, AlbertFairview Cemetery06/17/1967Details
Kuyer, MargaretFairview Cemetery05/03/2000Details
Kuzee, CornelieusFairview Cemetery08/01/2014Details
Kuzmanov, KuzmanFairview Cemetery03/30/1983Details
Kuzmanov, SavaFairview CemeteryDetails
Kuzmich, RomanFairview Cemetery05/08/1921Details
Kwacz, BrentLundy's Lane Cemetery09/27/1994Details
Kwak, AndrewFairview CemeteryDetails
Kyal, KaskFairview Cemetery10/12/1918Details
Kyer, DouglasFairview CemeteryDetails
Kyriacou, AnnaFairview CemeteryDetails

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