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NameCemeteryInterment DateDetails Link
Bylsma, EmilyFairview Cemetery03/29/1997Details
Byng, RobertFairview CemeteryDetails
Bynkoski, AndrewFairview Cemetery10/27/2016Details
Bynkoski, LauraFairview Cemetery11/18/2005Details
Byrne, CharlotteFairview Cemetery01/07/1912Details
Byrne, EllenFairview CemeteryDetails
Byrne, FrancisLundy's Lane Cemetery01/12/1963Details
Byrne, FrankFairview CemeteryDetails
Byrne, JessicaLundy's Lane Cemetery10/07/1952Details
Byrnes, AlfredLundy's Lane Cemetery06/02/1971Details
Byrnes, AliceLundy's Lane Cemetery01/10/1978Details
Byrnes, AllanFairview Cemetery09/30/1982Details
Byrnes, AllanLundy's Lane Cemetery11/11/2005Details
Byrnes, BabyLundy's Lane Cemetery01/24/1966Details
Byrnes, EthelLundy's Lane Cemetery03/11/1972Details
Byrnes, LeoLundy's Lane Cemetery08/24/1993Details
Byrnes, NormaLundy's Lane Cemetery12/29/2003Details
Byrnes, WilliamLundy's Lane Cemetery10/27/1979Details

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