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Families and genealogists can look up burial information on their ancestors or their own family plot. Detailed information about the deceased's location (Section and plot number), date of burial AND a photo of the monument is easily accessed.

For interesting historical facts and the locations of the cemeteries please see Cemetery Locations & Histories.

For more information or queries into family history not on the cemetery database contact the Niagara Falls Museumsor Niagara Falls Public Library.

Listing of search results for the Niagara Falls Cemeteries
NameCemeteryInterment DateDetails Link
Aspirot, RosarioLundy's Lane Cemetery02/24/1972Details
Bailey, Baby GirlLundy's Lane Cemetery04/27/1972Details
Black, BabyLundy's Lane Cemetery04/17/1971Details
Cardwell, Baby BoyLundy's Lane Cemetery12/15/1972Details
Carver, RobertLundy's Lane Cemetery10/22/1973Details
Cornick, GregoryLundy's Lane Cemetery01/24/1973Details
Corry, Baby BoyLundy's Lane Cemetery03/15/1972Details
Croteau, LietteLundy's Lane Cemetery07/02/1971Details
Cyr, CharlotteLundy's Lane Cemetery11/08/1971Details
Darroch, TeresaLundy's Lane Cemetery10/17/1973Details
Davidson, Baby BoyLundy's Lane Cemetery09/17/1973Details
Field, Baby BoyLundy's Lane Cemetery08/24/1972Details
Friskie, Baby GirlLundy's Lane Cemetery09/28/1973Details
Guitard, Baby BoyLundy's Lane Cemetery06/23/1972Details
Hein, SherryLundy's Lane Cemetery05/14/1971Details
Hill, BabyLundy's Lane Cemetery01/14/1971Details
Johnston, BabyLundy's Lane Cemetery12/15/1972Details
Langley, RobertLundy's Lane Cemetery09/30/1971Details
Lemay, BarbaraLundy's Lane Cemetery05/10/1973Details
Loskat, HelenLundy's Lane Cemetery12/22/1970Details
Lundgren, Baby BoyLundy's Lane Cemetery04/01/1972Details
Macdonald, JosephLundy's Lane Cemetery10/22/1973Details
Mactavish, WilliamLundy's Lane Cemetery09/02/1972Details
Orsini, BabyLundy's Lane Cemetery11/13/1970Details
Raseta, Baby BoyLundy's Lane Cemetery10/26/1971Details
Richards, Baby GirlLundy's Lane Cemetery10/11/1972Details
Rivard, Baby GirlLundy's Lane Cemetery04/27/1972Details
Robertson, Baby GirlLundy's Lane Cemetery05/12/1972Details
Schefold, Baby GirlLundy's Lane Cemetery01/08/1971Details
Schram, Baby GirlLundy's Lane Cemetery05/07/1973Details
Skipper, Baby BoyLundy's Lane Cemetery12/29/1972Details
Stewart, Baby GirlLundy's Lane Cemetery10/11/1972Details
Suhay, ThomasLundy's Lane Cemetery05/10/1972Details
Thompson, Baby GirlLundy's Lane Cemetery02/26/1972Details
Watson, HeidiLundy's Lane Cemetery06/14/1971Details
Williams, Baby GirlLundy's Lane Cemetery01/29/1971Details

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Special thanks to the Niagara Peninsula Branch of the Ontario Genealogy Society,the Lundy's Lane and Willoughby Museums and the many family historians/genealogists who shared their information on many of the City's cemeteries. For more information contact the Niagara Falls Museumsor Niagara Falls Public Library.

Privacy Act

The Ontario Cemeteries Act (1990) states that Cemeteries may only provide the public with the name of the deceased, the date of interment, and the location where they are interred within a cemetery, as well as the name of the Rights Holder of the plot. In keeping with this legislation the City of Niagara Falls Cemetery Services do not record the birth date and death date of the deceased in our Genealogy Search information.