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Families and genealogists can look up burial information on their ancestors or their own family plot. Detailed information about the deceased's location (Section and plot number), date of burial AND a photo of the monument is easily accessed.

For interesting historical facts and the locations of the cemeteries please see Cemetery Locations & Histories.

For more information or queries into family history not on the cemetery database contact the Niagara Falls Museumsor Niagara Falls Public Library.

Listing of search results for the Niagara Falls Cemeteries
NameCemeteryInterment DateDetails Link
Allison, KarenFairview Cemetery04/09/1999Details
Antal, RoseFairview Cemetery08/16/2022Details
Bailey, RobertFairview Cemetery03/10/1977Details
Betts, JannekeFairview Cemetery01/18/2018Details
Biesenthal, ElwynFairview CemeteryDetails
Blair, CharlesFairview Cemetery02/06/1985Details
Blakely, ArthurFairview Cemetery06/29/1984Details
Blakely, MabelFairview Cemetery06/29/1984Details
Boyle, StarrFairview Cemetery08/10/2012Details
Boyle, WillardFairview CemeteryDetails
Brown, WilliamFairview CemeteryDetails
Cameron, JohnFairview CemeteryDetails
Cameron, RuthFairview Cemetery05/22/2009Details
Campbell, GordonFairview Cemetery09/18/1985Details
Casimir, JohnFairview Cemetery08/28/1996Details
Chadwick, DorothyFairview Cemetery01/13/1984Details
Chadwick, FrankFairview CemeteryDetails
Cherrie, ThomasFairview CemeteryDetails
Chute, MarieFairview Cemetery09/17/1984Details
Clarke, WilliamFairview CemeteryDetails
Climenhage, ErnestFairview Cemetery04/27/2013Details
Davis, AnneFairview Cemetery06/25/2004Details
Davis, GodfreyFairview CemeteryDetails
Davis, MargaretFairview CemeteryDetails
Davis, ThomasFairview CemeteryDetails
Deguerre, AnnFairview CemeteryDetails
Dennehy, MaryFairview Cemetery07/20/1990Details
Dixon, FrankFairview Cemetery12/03/2003Details
Dunn, JessieFairview Cemetery03/20/2012Details
Edgar, EdithFairview CemeteryDetails
Elvy, EmilyFairview CemeteryDetails
Elvy, WalterFairview Cemetery02/21/1983Details
Everson, EmilyFairview CemeteryDetails
Gabrys, ErnestFairview Cemetery10/03/1989Details
Gallagher, ElizabethFairview CemeteryDetails
Good, LouiseFairview Cemetery01/11/1985Details
Gravelle, NicholasFairview CemeteryDetails
Green, LouisaFairview Cemetery10/23/2014Details
Green, WilliamFairview CemeteryDetails
Hall, ClarenceFairview Cemetery03/03/1986Details
Harrison, JosephFairview Cemetery10/15/2002Details
Heisel, AndrewFairview Cemetery12/10/1999Details
Hinz, JacobFairview Cemetery07/25/1983Details
Hogan, RalphFairview CemeteryDetails
Hopkinson, AnnaFairview Cemetery12/31/1984Details
Hunt, AudreyFairview CemeteryDetails
Hunt, MargaretFairview CemeteryDetails
Hunt, StanleyFairview Cemetery11/21/1997Details
Hunter, ClaraFairview Cemetery08/01/2003Details
Jackson, DonaldFairview Cemetery12/23/2003Details
Jackson, MarianFairview Cemetery11/01/1982Details
Jacobson, RudolphFairview Cemetery11/16/1982Details
Johnson, ElsieFairview CemeteryDetails
Johnston, MarjorieFairview Cemetery03/02/2005Details
Knaack, EdithaFairview Cemetery07/10/2000Details
Knaack, HansFairview Cemetery01/14/1985Details
Kozely, VictorFairview Cemetery01/31/1983Details
Lacroix, ElaineFairview Cemetery06/07/2004Details
Main, GeorgeFairview Cemetery06/15/1983Details
Marazzo, RobertFairview Cemetery08/31/1984Details
Marcinkowski, BronislawFairview CemeteryDetails
Martin, CatherineFairview Cemetery04/20/2009Details
Mccomb, M DoreenFairview Cemetery11/29/2022Details
Mclay, RosinaFairview Cemetery09/19/1984Details
Miller, MarionFairview Cemetery07/30/1985Details
Nussbeutel, AgnesFairview Cemetery03/18/2004Details
Parkinson, DonaldFairview Cemetery06/21/1999Details
Parkinson, WinnifredFairview CemeteryDetails
Price, RobertFairview CemeteryDetails
Pullano, AldeaFairview Cemetery12/06/1985Details
Pullano, DominicFairview Cemetery10/13/1983Details
Randall, BlossFairview Cemetery05/27/1998Details
Randall, MarvelFairview CemeteryDetails
Rubin, LouisFairview CemeteryDetails
Rubin, RoseFairview Cemetery12/04/1984Details
Sagat, JosephineFairview Cemetery06/13/1990Details
Sersen, FrankFairview CemeteryDetails
Sersen, KathleenFairview Cemetery05/06/2005Details
Sheppard, EleanorFairview Cemetery10/26/1984Details
Smith, BrunoFairview CemeteryDetails
Smith, MargaretFairview Cemetery10/19/2001Details
Spence, MaryFairview Cemetery04/16/1997Details
Spencer, EarlFairview Cemetery07/23/1985Details
Stone, CharlesFairview Cemetery12/07/1983Details
Stone, EvelynFairview CemeteryDetails
Stremlaw, AlbertFairview Cemetery04/09/2005Details
Stremlaw, DorineFairview Cemetery07/22/2017Details
Stuart, KarleneFairview CemeteryDetails
Summers, JamesFairview Cemetery10/31/1985Details
Summers, RosinaFairview Cemetery12/31/2009Details
Thomson, MarjorieFairview Cemetery04/30/1977Details
Unger, MichelleFairview Cemetery06/29/2022Details
Vermont, AchillFairview Cemetery08/17/1984Details
Vermont, IreneFairview Cemetery11/01/2014Details
Whittaker, JeanFairview CemeteryDetails
Williams, RalphFairview CemeteryDetails
Winkler, ErnaFairview CemeteryDetails
Wood, MargaretFairview Cemetery02/21/1985Details
Yeo, JohnFairview Cemetery02/17/1984Details
Zvaunis, EdgorsFairview CemeteryDetails

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Special thanks to the Niagara Peninsula Branch of the Ontario Genealogy Society,the Lundy's Lane and Willoughby Museums and the many family historians/genealogists who shared their information on many of the City's cemeteries. For more information contact the Niagara Falls Museumsor Niagara Falls Public Library.

Privacy Act

The Ontario Cemeteries Act (1990) states that Cemeteries may only provide the public with the name of the deceased, the date of interment, and the location where they are interred within a cemetery, as well as the name of the Rights Holder of the plot. In keeping with this legislation the City of Niagara Falls Cemetery Services do not record the birth date and death date of the deceased in our Genealogy Search information.