Fields of Honour

Fairview Cemetery is currently home to two fields of honour, one in Section 4, the other in Section M, a total of approximately 200 graves.  For many years, the graves of our veterans and war dead have been maintained, however not to a standard in keeping with the respect and recognition owed to those who served on our behalf. Existing conditions included uneven ground and upright monuments which were not level, nor properly aligned.

In 2016, through consultation with the Commonwealth War Graves Commission and Veterans Affairs Canada, Niagara Falls Cemetery Services developed a plan to restore the two Fields of Honour.  Restoration work commenced in the spring of 2017 and, once complete, will include the investigative and information gathering steps necessary to conduct a complete restoration of this magnitude; the removal of all existing markers (uprights and flat); the installation of a new compacted granular channel foundations; the restoration and re-installment of existing upright monuments; and the replacement of all existing Veteran flat markers, with Commission approved upright monuments.  A total of approximately one hundred new upright monuments will be added to the existing upright monuments and all will be installed perfectly upright and aligned.  Restoration work is being completed by Anderson’s Cemetery Contracting, a monument restoration specialist approved by Veterans Affairs Canada and the Commonwealth War Graves Commission.

In addition to the monument restoration/replacement, re-grading and landscaping of the two Fields of Honour, including redevelopment of the Flag Gardens will also be completed including the installation of irrigation.  In addition, a ceremonial Vimy Oak will also be planted in each of the Fields of Honour.

Restoration work is fully supported by City Council, and given its magnitude has drawn the interest and partnership with Veteran Affairs Canada, the Commonwealth War Graves Commission as well as additional support through The Last Post Fund and Campbell Monuments.  The completion of the restoration project will be marked and recognized in connection with the Parade and Reinterment of the Unknown Soldier which is scheduled for Saturday September 16, 2017.  For more information, please contact the CIty of Niagara Falls Cemetery Services or visit the page for the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.

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