Canada Community Building Fund (CCBF)

The Canada Community Building Fund (CCBF) (formerly known as the federal Gas Tax Fund) provides municipalities with money from the federal government to support local infrastructure. It offers local communities the flexibility to make strategic investments across 18 different project categories, including roads and bridges, wastewater infrastructure and recreational facilities.

The following is a list of active or approved projects in the City of Niagara Falls with CCBF as a source of funding:

AMO IDProject TitleCategoryTotal CostCCBF BudgetCCBF Allocated to Date
8793Beck & Whirlpool Rd. Bridge ReplacementsLocal Roads & Bridges - Bridges$9,551,000.00$5,636,000.00$1,277,460.12
10017Sanitary Network Condition AssessmentCapacity - Building$2,600,000.00$1,400,000.00$1,400,000.00
10985Construction of Millennium Trail - Section 5Recreation$2,492,000.00$1,934,000.00$1,402,138.77
12964Robinson Street Road ConstructionLocal Roads & Bridges - Local Roads$1,750,000.00$1,500,000.00$1,285,974.69
13686Rehabilitation of the Victoria Avenue BridgeLocal Roads & Bridges - Local Roads$65,000.00$65,000.00$62,200.93
13688Portage Road Watermain ReplacementDrinking Water$454,100.00$151,750.00$151,750.00
14635Asphalt Overlay on Oldfield RoadLocal Roads & Bridges - Local Roads$277,000.00$110,800.00$110,800.00
14638Resurfacing on Morrison StreetLocal Roads & Bridges - Local Roads$515,000.00$515,000.00$467,335.91
14639Road Resurfacing on Kalar RoadLocal Roads & Bridges - Local Roads$385,000.00$154,000.00$154,000.00
14641Road Rehabilitation on Various RoadwaysLocal Roads & Bridges - Local Roads$1,102,000.00$1,102,000.00$1,075,717.61
14642Sidewalk Replacement & RehabilitationLocal Roads & Bridges - Active Transportation$366,000.00$366,000.00$338,313.66
15393Sidewalk Replacement on Oxford St, Presidents Dr., Charnwood Ave. and Casey St.Local Roads & Bridges - Active Transportation$729,000.00$729,000.00$456,426.37
15748Surface Treatment RehabilitationLocal Roads & Bridges - Local Roads$1,088,475.00$1,088,475.00$1,071,229.91
15749Portage Road & Prospect Street Sewer SeparationWastewater$4,743,720.00$975,600.00$975,600.00
15750Bridge Structure Safety ImprovementsLocal Roads & Bridges - Bridges$425,000.00$425,000.00$325,777.72
15918Reconstruction of Dorchester Road - Oldfield RoadLocal Roads & Bridges - Local Roads$1,890,000.00$1,835,000.00$1,383,533.65
15919Mewburn Road Reconstruction - Mountain Road North to City LimitsLocal Roads & Bridges - Local Roads$360,000.00$360,000.00$137,489.95
15920Chippawa Parkway Culvert ReplacementLocal Roads & Bridges - Culverts$595,000.00$560,000.00$560,000.00
15921Replacement of the Marshall Road BridgeLocal Roads & Bridges - Bridges$157,000.00$147,000.00$74,650.28
15922Replacement of the Ort Road BridgeLocal Roads & Bridges - Bridges$267,000.00$252,000.00$212,592.49
15923Storm Pond Condition Assessment and RehabilitationWastewater$500,000.00$350,000.00$76,227.28
17066Gale Centre Refrigeration System ReplacementRecreation$1,180,000.00$1,180,000.00$1,179,412.77
17103Victoria Avenue & Bridge Street RoundaboutLocal Roads & Bridges - Local Roads$1,925,000.00$1,525,200.00$1,176,885.59
171052023 (Road Resurfacing) Mill & Pave ProgramLocal Roads & Bridges - Local Roads$1,585,000.00$1,585,000.00$1,266,216.18
171072023 Road Rehabilitation ProgramLocal Roads & Bridges - Local Roads$1,255,000.00$1,255,000.00$1,003,369.53
171082023 Sidewalk ReplacementLocal Roads & Bridges - Active Transportation$505,000.00$505,000.00$444,288.98
171092023 Surface Treatment ProgramLocal Roads & Bridges - Local Roads$1,500,000.00$1,350,000.00$1,234,834.20