MYAC Scholarships

Scholarship season is here and the Niagara Falls Mayor’s Youth Advisory Committee (NFMYAC) wants your applications!

Are you worried about your marks? Quit worrying, these scholarships recognize the importance of leadership and community involvement among local high school students, NOT MARKS!

Niagara Falls high school students are invited to apply for TWO scholarships presented by NFMYAC!

The annual Jim Mitchinson Scholarship, was developed with a focus beyond academic achievement. To be eligible for the Jim Mitchinson Scholarship, students must achieve a minimum grade average of 75 per cent, but more importantly, demonstrate solid leadership and long-term involvement in their community or school. One or two deserving students will win up to $1,000 this year.

The award is generously funded by Tom Mitchinson in his father's honour.

The NEW one-time NPEI Scholarship has been added this year recognizing the impacts of the Covid-19 Pandemic on finances. The eligibility requirements are the same as above. One student will receive $500 this year.

Students will be considered for both scholarships with one application. Note: students can only be selected to receive one of the scholarship awards.

Who was Jim W. Mitchinson?

James (Jim) W. Mitchinson was born in Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada in 1925. After graduating from high school he joined the Canadian Air Force where he trained as a Navigator and served in World War II. After the war, thanks to the GI Bill, he enrolled in the Bachelor of Business Administration program at the University of Toronto and graduated in 1948. While in Toronto he met his wife Georgina and they married and moved back to Niagara Falls in 1949. Back in Niagara Falls Jim worked for the Ohio Brass Company for 35 years and he and his wife raised three children. Jim passed away in 2013 with his wife following two years later.

Jim was extremely involved in the community throughout his life. Over the years he received several honours for his exemplary volunteer contributions. Among those awards were two City of Niagara Falls Volunteer Recognition Awards and the very prestigious Ontario Heritage Community Recognition Award.

Jim dedicated countless volunteer hours to the preservation of heritage in Niagara Falls. He was involved in the 1970 restoration of St. John’s Anglican Church and continued to volunteer and serve on church committees for his lifetime. He was instrumental in the creation of the heritage organization the Friends of Stamford Village and in the creation of the Niagara Falls Heritage Week and was a highly involved and dedicated member of both. Over the years he also served on the Niagara Falls Board of Museums, Lundy’s Lane Historical Society, Centennial Book Committee “Images of a Century”, and the Ontario Hydro Memorial Committee which is located on the Haulage Road Recreational Trail.

Jim volunteered in areas other than heritage including a time on the executive of the YMCA, acting as a volunteer driver for the Canadian Cancer Society driving patients for treatments in Hamilton and Toronto at least once a week for many years, and more.

Singing was a big part of Jim’s life; he was a member of the Gentlemen Songsters and then the Niagara Men’s Chorus (when they amalgamated in 1999) participating until he was 87 years old.

Jim Mitchinson was truly a part of the fabric that makes up Niagara Falls and exemplified volunteerism and giving back to the community.

Scholarship Details


Jim Mitchinson: A maximum of $1000 will be awarded each year to one or two students; either one award of $1000 or two awards of $500 each.

NPEI: A maximum of $500 will be awarded in 2021 to one student.


April 30th


The recipients of the scholarships will be selected at MYAC’s Regular Meeting in May. Personal information including the applicant's name and school will be removed from their application prior to review by the Committee. 


Members and relatives of the Mayor’s Youth Advisory Committee are NOT eligible to apply.

To be eligible for the scholarship, students must be Niagara Falls residents, in their graduating year, have a minimum GPA of 75%, and demonstrate leadership and involvement in their community and/or school.


The scholarships is available online now, until April 30.  Applicants have until the competition deadline (Apr 30) to complete their application and send in supporting documents (see below). Only complete applications will be considered. Only online applications will be accepted.

Documents Required

  1. Proof of 75% or greater GPA (e.g. transcript or letter from your guidance counsellor).
  2. A minimum of one letter of reference supporting your community and/or school involvement. The referee must be personally aware of the extent of your involvement.

You will also be required to answer each of the following questions. You may want to prepare your answers in advance.

  1. Describe one personal quality that makes you a leader in your community and/or school. (250 word max.)
  2. Outline how you plan to continue your community involvement in the future. (250 word max.)
  3. Summarize your community and/or school involvement and expand on one specific contribution that you feel was the most impactful. (500 word max.)

For further information, please email Beth or call 905-356-7521 X 3336.

2020 Jim Mitchinson Scholarship presented by MYAC

The 2020 Jim Mitchinson Scholarship recipient was Pranav Parakh from A.N. Myer. You could be the next recipient!