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MYAC's Art Showcase

Welcome to MYAC's Youth Art Exhibition, which provides an empowering platform at the Niagara Falls Exchange for high school students to display their artistic talent to the public through sketches, paintings and sculptures and potentially win some prizes. Submitted entries will be displayed at the Niagara Falls Exchange from June 3-10.


  • The contest is open to all students currently enrolled in a Niagara Falls High School OR Niagara Falls residents in Grades 9-12B enrolled in school outside of Niagara Falls.
  •  Participation in the contest constitutes full and unconditional acceptance of and agreement to be bound by these contest rules by the student(s) and the legal guardian(s) of the student(s) 

Contest Rules

Design Guidelines - Artwork must be:

  • Original creation – reproducing, modifying, enhancing or altering a third party’s pre-existing work does not qualify as an original creation
  • Designs will be hung in the Niagara Falls exchange so must be done on paper or canvas. 3D art will not be accepted. A high-quality photo collage (one page) of a sculpture or other 3D work will be accepted.
  • Created by currently enrolled high school students in grades 9-12B
  • Appropriate for a school setting

Full rules and guidelines, click here!

Submission Guidelines:

MYAC's Den 2024

Welcome to MYAC's Den, a youth-led entrepreneurial event organized by Niagara Falls Mayor’s Youth Advisory Council (NFMYAC). MYAC's Den is a platform for young innovators to pitch their business ideas, projects and/or services to a panel of judges composed of investors and business owners. MYAC's Den aims to empower young entrepreneurs by providing them with an opportunity to showcase their creativity, passion, and business acumen. Participants will seek feedback, guidance, and potential investment to kickstart their ventures.

The event follows a dragon's-den style format where each participant will have a limited time to pitch their business idea to the panel of judges. This could be a product or a service. Judges will then provide feedback and ask questions to assess the viability and potential of each idea. Each candidate will have 3 minutes to present and 5 minutes for Q&A from the panelists, each candidate getting about 2 minutes to setup whatever props or displays they may use. Projector and sound system available. 

Entries will need to demonstrate a robust business plan; that their idea is actionable and logistically sound. If you have what it takes, keep calm and carry on!

NFMYAC's New Logo!

MYAC logoThe winning design created by Christie Wang (Gr. 12 A.N. Myer S.S.) 

The first NFMYAC logo was designed almost 20 years ago! That’s longer than any of the current committee members have been on this planet. With a desire for a fresh new look, NFMYAC launched a logo contest in March of this year. Open to all post-secondary students across the city, the contest was a huge success: the team was overjoyed by the variety and quality of the submissions. The logos were submitted for blind review by Mayor Jim Diodati and NFMYAC. On May 5, the winning logo was officially adopted.

Read the Media Release: New Logo Encapsulates NFMYAC's Spirit: Diversity, Inclusion, Growth, Individuality, Innovation, Creativity and Community

This contest is now closed. Thanks to all who contributed their designs!

For more information contact Nathan Smith [email protected]