Commissioning of Documents/Affidavits

  • The commissioner for taking affidavits can no longer certify true copies of documents, I.D., etc.
  • The City does not have a Notary (Notary Public).

Most sworn statements and declarations may be commissioned in the Clerk's Office by a commissioner for taking affidavits. A commissioner for taking affidavits (also known as commissioner of oaths) is not the same as a notary public. A commissioner has authority only to administer oaths and take affidavits. A notary public has much broader authority. If your document requires the signature of a notary, or you require certified copies of documents, then you will need to contact a lawyer or a notary. The person signing the affidavit must show government issued identification that contains a current photo and a signature, such as a valid driver's license. You are required to sign in the presence of the commissioner.

 To inquire about the Commissioner's availability, or for more information please call 905-356-7521