Niagara Falls Innovation Hub

The Niagara Falls Innovation Hub (NFIH) is a business accelerator and co-working space that supports entrepreneurs with a wide array of coaches, programs, business amenities and tools. Located at 4551 Zimmerman Avenue in downtown Niagara Falls, the NFIH offers a comfortable and creative space that is open and collaborative.  

For generations, Niagara Falls has been a global brand for business built on an economic foundation anchored by tourism, manufacturing, and knowledge-based sectors. Today, Niagara’s entrepreneurs have never been more determined to disrupt these industries with emerging technologies while adapting to the demands of the global marketplace. The Niagara Falls Innovation Hub enables the potential of these entrepreneurs by offering access to benefits that include:

  • Co-working space with tech accessories
  • Private classroom with a flexible desk and chair layout
  • Think Tank meeting room for brainstorming and content shooting
  • Content creation suite with photography accessories
  • Podcast studio with sound proofing and microphones
  • Makers space for prototyping 

The team at the Niagara Falls Innovation Hub motivated with a mission to create an affordable, all-encompassing, collaborative workspace that provides tailored programming, tech resources, piloting and validation opportunities, and expertise to assist entrepreneurs in Niagara to grow, scale, create jobs and diversify the economy.

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