Renewable Energy

SolarPanels on a house
Wind Turbine

Under Ontario's Green Energy initiatives: the Green Energy Act and Renewable Energy Approvals, the Province has paved the way for quicker development of renewable energy projects.

Renewable energy projects are no longer subject to municipal land use planning documents under the Planning Act such as zoning or official plan approvals. Depending on the size of your renewable energy project you may be exempt from the requirements of a Renewable Energy Approval from the Ministry of the Environment.


The Ontario Power Authority (OPA) offers contracts under its new Feed in Tariff (FIT) programs to the developers of renewable electricity generation projects to purchase power, at a guaranteed price over a 20 year term, for all the electricity you produce and deliver to the province’s electricity grid.

The City has not adopted a blanket resolution for FIT applications. Applications for an Ontario Power Authority FIT Resolution for Rooftop Solar Panels will be dealt with site specifically. Applications for a FIT Resolution should be filed by submitting a letter to the Planning, Building and Development Department ([email protected]) with the details of the project and location. Planning will prepare a report for Council which will review the site merits, proximity to sensitive uses (low density residential) and agency concerns (safety, emergency services). Council will make its decision a case by case basis.

Please see the Ontario Power Authority web site for more detail.


Certain small scale projects are exempt from Renewable Energy Approvals from the Ministry of the Environment:

  • Wind facilities with a name plate capacity of =3kW (Class 1)
    • If the facility is mounted on a building a building permit may be required. Please check with the City’s Building Department.
  • Solar - ground mounted facilities = 10kW (Class 1) or Solar -rooftop or wall mounted facilities of any size (Class 1 or 2)
    • May require a Building Permit. Please check with the City’s Building Department.
  • All other wind or solar facilities require Renewable Energy Approvals.