2023 Cultural Projects

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Trail Mix: Local Trails & Local Artists

Trail Mix is an auditory accompaniment to your walk, featuring the work of local artists. You can listen to the mix while enjoying the sights of the Millennium Trail. QR codes along the trail will take you to music, humour or spoken word on your smart device.

  • Step #1: Select your favourite section of Niagara Falls 7 km long Millennium Trail
  • Step #2: Strap on your hiking shoes
  • Step #3: Find the hidden QR codes along the trail
  • Step #4: Use your phone’s camera to scan the QR code
  • Step #5: Put on your headphones and listen to the Trail Mix!


Millennium Trail - John McCall MacBain Pathway : McLeod Road to Lundy’s Lane:  Google Maps Link

Trail Mix Section #1
Brandon Agnew - There Goes Another Heartbreak
Ashley Sienna - What You Need
Avenue Inn - The Line

Trail Mix Section #2
Philip Bosley - Shoestring
A Sea Of Gold & Burgundy - A Ghost In These Walls
Cynna Syllables - Niagara Falls

Trail Mix Section #3
Jay Diem Band - Tonight
Gil Hicks - We Don't Make That Here Anymore

Trail Mix Section #4
CD Onofrio - Karmic Disaster
Giancarlo & The Scarfones - Take The Money
J.R. Hardy - Feel It

Trail Mix Section #5
Road Waves - Hindsight
The P.O.E. - For The Birds

Trail Mix Section #6
Jeff Beadle - Gone Before Sunrise
Hailey Shepstone - Old Town

Trail Mix Section #7
Rob Repovs - Heyo
Rick Rose & The Silent Hurricanes - Dreaming Outloud

Trail Mix Section #8
Greg Upshaw - Jupiter For Rent
Evan Rotella - Happy To Be Here

Trail Mix Section #9
Matthew James Blake - Sunshine & Rainbows
Cat Skinner - Monarch
Mariannie Ompoc - Feel Like Myself

Trail Mix Section #10
Zach Bury - Shine Thru
Thunderclap - Emergency Vehicles

Trail Mix Section #11
Canisbay - Wildberries
Errunhrd - I Want To Feel Better

Trail Mix Section #12
Legin32 - Signs
MMBris - Float Like A Butterfly, Sting Like A Bee
Cat Skinner - Gorge

Trail Mix Section #13
David Green at the Tailgate Talent Show
Sonia Aimy – Dreaming

Trail Mix Section #14
Charles J Hunk - Drownin' In Whiskey
Cassandra Boom - Love Everyone
Dawson Walters - Return To Sanity

Trail Mix Section #15
Paddyman - The Secret Of A Real Irish Pub
Ryan Smelle - Something Restless

Trail Mix Section #16
Eve Atoms - Freedom (Right To Anything)
Juan Carlo Magsalin - Lento for Solo Cello and Piano

Trail Mix Section #17
Scott Harvey - Falling Away
Sensorium Angels - Venus Pearls


Trail Mix Location Map

Trail Mix Section 2Trail Mix Location Map