Cultural Projects

Art depicting a person in black and white eating cereal and their mind exploding with colour

Check out the various projects, both permanent and temporary, that the City of Niagara Falls Culture Division has undertaken in the past few years.

Trail Mix

Wheat Paste Art


The goal of this IFC is to expand our awareness of artists and creatives who are interested and available to participate in Niagara Falls arts projects. Submissions will assist Advisory Panel members when considering artists and other participants for Niagara Falls arts initiatives like murals, street art, utility box wraps, signage or any other potential visual arts project.

A few tips before you start:

We'll ask about your experience, interests, and future plans.

We'll ask for details about your past projects (your role, project dimensions, locations, installation/creation dates, mediums, etc.)

If your role in a project was anything other than "artist" (producer/facilitator/organizer/etc), we'll just ask for the event details (name/location/date/etc) or just for details of your volunteer/mentorship involvement.

Have a few jpg images ready. You'll have the option to submit up to 6 images (2 per project; 3 projects max). All images must be jpg/jpeg and 1 MB (1000 KB) or less, each. Label each artwork with your LAST NAME, title.

This form is thorough. It will take about 30 minutes to complete.

You'll have a chance to review and edit your answers after each section.

If you wish to begin but cannot complete in one go either: a) do not close the browser or b) skip to the end, make sure your email is entered, and you will receive a link to allow you to continue editing at a later date.

For more information about this contact [email protected].