School Crossing Guard Information

BLUE the Butterfly 

NEW interactive classroom program

This NEW interactive classroom program is coming to schools in the City of Niagara Falls this Fall!

Introducing BLUE the Butterfly who will be helping to teach Primary grade students about the importance of road safety for pedestrians, promoting active travel - walking & wheeling, for school, and the role of School Crossing Guards in their community!

Check out the video below and use this document to have BLUE the Butterfly visit your school! 

A blue butterfly wearing red short, black t-shirt and holding a Stop sign hovering above a blue circle with the City of Niagara Falls logo inside and the wording which reads: Between the Lines, Safe & Active Travel for School, featuring: BLUE the Butterfly

School Crossing Guard Appreciation

Join us by celebrating the School Crossing Guards across the Province of Ontario in this 4th Annual Event!

Help us recognize these individuals, whose assistance helps young residents with their active and safe daily travel to and from school.

Support your local School Crossing Guards by:

  • Guard signals you to stop; all cyclists and drivers must stop
  • Understand and follow the posted speed limits, especially in school zones
  • Always check before turning at intersections
  • Remain stopped until all pedestrians and guard have cleared the crossing. It is the Law.                    
  • Do not drop kids off in NO Stopping and NO parking zones

View the Appreciation Poster and fill out a School Crossing Guard Thank you Card.

For more information on COVID-19, visit the Region's Public Health COVID-19 pageschool crossing guard whistling symbols

NEW Electronic Whistles

COVID-19 protocols and our commitment to safety sees a NEW 2-step electronic whistle system rolling out at all Crossing Guard locations across on: Monday, February 8, 2021. 

2-Step system will help Crossing Guards communicate with pedestrians and motorists.

Step 1: When you hear the Crossing Guard's whistle - BE ON HIGH ALERT. After sound the electronic whistle, the Guard will enter the roadway to ensure traffic has stopped. The whistle is an additional safety measures to the laws found under the Highway Traffic Act regarding school crossing locations.

Step 2: Once traffic has stopped, the Guard will then sound the whistle once (at a controlled crossing: traffic signals/all-way stop signs are present), or twice (at an uncontrolled crossing: NO traffic signals/all-way stop signs) to signal the pedestrians to cross. Always listen to your Crossing Guard and wait until they say it's safe to cross.

Back to School Safety

Read about our Back to school safety information in the Crossing Guards Back to School Safety plan.

School Crossing Guards

The City of Niagara Falls is committed to contributing to the well - being of residents and visitors by ensuring a healthy and safe community. Keeping children safe is a priority for the City. School Crossing Guards are a vital and necessary part of our community. Residents can now access all School Crossing Guard locations and shift times. The chart below will help parents and caregivers in designing safe walking habits for their children. Please NOTE: all shift times are subject to change without prior notice. Please check website regularly for changes to times, as well as new locations.

Road Safety Awareness

All drivers must:

  • STOP: When you approach a School Crossing Location
  • OBEY: The Highway Traffic Act
  • RESPECT: The Crossing Guard
  • PATIENCE: Remain stopped until everyone has cleared the crossing - including the guard!
  • PROCEED: When safe to do so

You could be fined a minimum of $150.00 if found guilty of an offence - Highway Traffic Act Regulation Section 176.

PLEASE NOTE: There is NO crossing service for the PM shift time, today, Monday, December 5, at LUNDY'S LN @ DORCHESTER. Thank you.

PLEASE NOTE: There is NO crossing service, today, Monday, December 5, at RIALL @ ST. ANDREW. Thank you.

PLEASE NOTE: There is NO crossing service, today, Monday, December 5, at the location of PORTAGE @ ST. JOHN. Thank you. 

School Crossing Guard Locations and Shift Times 

Beaverdams / St. JH Newman8:30-9:102:50-3:30
Beaverdams / Watson8:30-9:102:50-3:30
Culp / Carlton8:35- 9:153:10-3:50
Culp / Franklin8:35- 9:153:10-3:50
Dorchester / Barker8:30- 9:103:15-3:55
Dorchester / Dianne8:30- 9:103:05-3:45
Dorchester / Dunn8:35-9:153:15-3:55
Dorchester / James Morden8:20-9:002:55-3:35
Dorchester / Lundy's Lane - PLEASE NOTE: There is NO crossing service for the PM shift time today, Monday, December 5. Thanks8:30- 9:103:15-3:55
Dorchester / Mary Ward8:10-8:502:25-3:05
Dorchester / McLeod8:20-9:002:55-3:35
Dorchester / McMillan 8:35-9:153:15-3:55
Dorchester / Orchard Park8:30-9:103:15-3:55
Dorchester / Thorold Stone8:25-9:053:05-3:45
Drummond / Churchill  8:00-9:102:30-3:40
Drummond / Culp8:30-9:103:15-3:55
Drummond / Dunn8:00-9:102:30-3:40
Drummond / McLeod8:00-9:102:30-3:40
Dunn / Carlton8:45-9:253:15-3:55
Forestview / Desanka8:35-9:153:10-3:50
Forestview / Parkside 8:35-9:153:10-3:50
Heximer / Margaret 8:35-9:153:05-3:45
Kalar / Coventry 8:05-8:452:35-3:15
Kalar / Rideau 8:35-9:153:10-3:50
Montrose / Greendale8:35-9:153:10-3:50
Montrose / Watson8:35-9:153:10-3:50
Morrison / Homewood8:20-9:002:50-3:30
Morrison / Law8:15-8:552:35-3:15
Morrison / Pettit RR 8:20-9:003:10-3:50
Morrison / Stanley8:15-8:552:45-3:25
Oliver / Welland8:15-8:552:45-3:25
Portage Rd / St. John - PLEASE NOTE: There is NO crossing service at this location today, Monday, December 5, 2022. Thank you.8:10-8:502:45-3:25
Riall / St.Andrew - PLEASE NOTE: There is NO crossing service at this location today, Monday, 5, 2022. Thank you.8:00-8:402:45-3:25
St. Paul / Church's Ln8:00-8:402:45-3:25
St. Paul / Stamford Green8:00-8:402:45-3:25
Thorold Stn / Confederation 8:00-8:402:30-3:10
Thorold Stn / Kalar 8:20-9:002:40-3:20
Thorold Stn / St.James 8:00-8:402:45-3:25
Valleyway / Valleyway8:20-9:002:50-3:30
Victoria / Queen8:25-9:052:50-3:30
Victoria / Simcoe8:25-9:053:00-3:40
Victoria / Valley Way 8:25-9:052:55-3:35
Willoughby / Cattell8:15-8:552:50-3:30
Willoughby / Welland8:15-8:552:50-3:30


New Road Rules In Effect!

Bill 31 Campaign PosterFor more information, please view our Bill 31 Campaign Poster.

Transportation Services

Transportation Services strives to provide an efficient and effective service for all members of the public. During our shifts times we offer our crossing services to all members of the public regardless of age. Should you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact our offices at: 905 - 356-7521 Ext. 5212 or email the School Crossing Coordinator, Julie Ellis.