Fairview Cemetery

Location and Size

  • 4501 Stanley Avenue
  • Stanley Avenue and Morrison St. - Main entrance is on Stanley opposite Maple Street
  • 77.6 Acres


Fairview was established in 1883. Morton Buckley, the chair of a newly-created cemetery committee for the Town of Niagara Falls, arranged for the purchase of 23 acres at the top of Bridge St. from the Adam Shugg farm. Mr. Buckley chose the name "Fairview" and personally planted the many fine trees we now enjoy in the old part of this cemetery. It was due to Mr. Buckley’s beautification efforts that Fairview is now one of the country’s most attractive cemeteries. The iron and stone ornamental gates at the former Bridge Street entrance were his gift.

First Burial

Thomas Whittaker, July 20, 1883 at the age of 56

Unique Features

Queen Victoria Fountain

Queen Victoria Fountain

In 1897 the Town of Niagara Falls erected a water fountain at Fairview Cemetery in honour of Queen Victoria’s Jubilee Celebration. The beautiful four tiered water feature was an enjoyable sight, however in the 1960's the water ceased to flow due to age and mechanical problems. Today the fountain cascades with a variety of flowers and ivies to give the impression of flowing water. Rainbow Greenhouse has graciously donated the plants for the Victoria Fountain since 2002.

Tissue Donor Memorial

Tissue Donor Memorial

A Memorial was dedicated in 1990 in recognition of the people who donate their tissue/organs upon their death, so that others may live.

Cremation Options

Cremations are growing in popularity when compared to the traditional in ground burial (interment). In fact in 2011, cremations accounted for 60% of burials at Fairview Cemetery. Several options exist when considering cremation including the following:

Maple Grove Columbaria

Maple Grove Columbarium

The first Columbarium (Trillium Court) was erected in 2003 in a treed park-like setting just opposite the Fairview Office. The Columbarium provides families with the option of interring cremains in an above ground structure. As cremations grow in popularity, the number of columbaria has also increased. Columbaria offer above ground niches and are relatively less expensive than traditional in ground burials. In addition, many niches can accommodate two cremains. For more pictures, view the Maple Grove Columbaria Facebook Album.

Cremation Plot

Cremation plots offer a combination of the traditional in ground burial with the economic benefits of a cremation. Up to four cremains may be interred in a lot. Much like traditional plots, monuments and/or flat markers can be erected in memorial of loved ones. For more information about monument/flat marker sizes, rules and regulations please refer to By-Law 2000-254.

Remembrance Garden

Remembrance Garden

A small, tranquil, park-like setting is located in the centre of Fairview Cemetery where human cremains are buried. The Remembrance Garden is unique in that no urns are placed in the ground and no stone memorials mark the location of each burial. Instead, the ashes are buried in the flower gardens and, if family desire, the name of the deceased can be added to the large granite memorial.

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