Employee / Labour Relations

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Includes contract negotiations, arbitration and labour board hearings, various legislation including (employment standards, human rights), monitoring and compliance and various related field trend studies.

Compensation & Benefits


Includes salary and benefit plans, employee assistance programs, coordination of pension and benefits, surveys, and job evaluations.

Health & Safety

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Includes safety programs, accident monitoring, joint health and safety committees, workplace inspections, claims appeals, tribunal hearings, Internal Responsibility System (IRS), and ensuring compliance with various government legislation.

Work Life Balance & Wellness

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Includes programs and services that encourage staff to lead healthy active lifestyles. Some of these programs and services include: onsite influenza vaccinations, cholesterol and diabetes screening, smoke cessation programs, as well as healthy eating and weight loss clinics. Check our Workplace Wellness Website

Organizational Development

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Includes human resources planning, implementation of performance appraisal systems, staff recruitment, new employee orientations, as well as various coaching and mentoring programs for various City Departments, staff and management.

Learning & Development

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Includes the coordination of both internal and external learning opportunities for staff and management. Training programs focus on a wide variety of topics for employees such as health and safety, personal development, job specific courses, customer service, corporate values, as well as various webinars and lunch and learn sessions.