Get on the Voters List

If you aren't on the voters list, or you need to modify your information, the Application to Amend the Voters' List (Form EL15) can be used to:

  • Add the applicant's name to the list
  • Correct the applicant's information on the list
  • Delete the applicant's or a family member's name (deceased, moved, other)
  • Revise the applicant's school support status and Canadian citizenship

This form must be personally submitted by the individual applying to make the changes to the voters list. Electronic or facsimile copies are not accepted.

The applicant must make a declaration and sign the form in the presence of the Clerk or designate. By signing the form, the applicant is declaring that:

  • They are a Canadian citizen,
  • They are eighteen years of age on or before the Voting Date, and
  • On Voting Day, that they will be entitled to be an elector.

Staff are responsible for making sure that all information is complete before dating and signing the form. The completed forms are used to update the database of electors and a copy is sent to the Municipal Property Assessment Corporation (MPAC) in order to update their database. We need to know:

  • Name of elector and their previous qualifying and mailing addresses
  • Elector's current qualifying address and whether they're an owner, spouse or tenant
  • Elector's birth date, school support

Without this information, we are not able to update the necessary record of information.