Community Involvement and Tree Programs

NEW!  Walker Industries Complimentary Waste Disposal Program

Walker Industries is a company dedicated to the environment, community and safety of their employees and they want to do their part and help keep the communities in which we live and operate clean and safe. They hope to do this by making every day a “day of action on litter” by offering free disposal for any community clean up initiative year round across Niagara Region. Dependent on any existing government restrictions, the Thorold landfill will provide free disposal of litter collected by community groups who pre-register their 2022 community cleanup initiatives. Please review Walker Industries' guidelines for accessing free disposal for 2022. To register for free community clean-up disposal please email Walker Industries (include your group name, cleanup location (i.e. municipality), and expected clean-up date).  

Adopt A Street/Trail/Park/Walkway

You can help keep your environment clean and beautiful! The Adopt A Street Program is a campaign to beautify and take pride in the City of Niagara Falls. Volunteer groups are encouraged to adopt a street, trail, park or walkway, and take responsibility for litter pick-up, weed pulling, etc. along the selected area. Complete the application form online.

For updated documents including applications, waivers, checklists and safety guidelines, please contact Jeff Guarasci, Community Development Coordinator. Phone: 905-356-7521 ext 3341.

Earth Day Clean-Up: Friday, April 22, 2022

The Earth Day Clean Up Day invites volunteers to help clean up our City. Volunteers will scatter throughout City parks, trails, walkways and boulevards to collect litter and debris. The Spring 2022 version will take place on Earth Day in the afternoon, enabling students to participate after school and for families to join together after the regular work day. This is a great opportunity for students to acquire Community Service Hours and to enable residents to make our environment a cleaner place.

NOTE: Waiver forms will also be made available on the event date when signing in to register starting at 3 P.M. on April 22 at the MacBain Community Centre.

Volunteer Registration and Important Information:

  • Registration for this event is now open. You can sign-up for the Earth Day Clean Up event now until April 22..
  • Volunteers 13 and under MUST be accompanied by a guardian to participate.
  • Youth volunteers ages 14 to 16 must also have their parent/guardian sign and submit a Youth Permission Form (see above for downloadable PDF)
  • For every four (4) youth volunteers, at least one (1) parent/guardian is required to supervise.
  • Pick-up your complimentary supplies starting at 3pm on Friday, April 22, 2022 at the MacBain Community Centre (located at 7150 Montrose Road).  Supplies include safety vest, gloves, garbage/recycling bags and pickers (limited quantities available). Waiver forms will also be available to complete at this time during check-in.
  • Choose any City of Niagara Falls park, trail, walkway or help clean. If you are unsure where to go, we will have maps available on event day ready for you.
  • Clean up activities may be performed only on the event date during daylight hours.
  • Leave filled, tied bags at the street corner or park/trail entrance, then email us with the location for City Staff to collect.
  • In case of a rain out, this event will not be re-scheduled (see safety instructions below).
  • Students will be able to claim Community Service Hours for participation.

Safety Instructions for all volunteers

  • Clean only during daylight hours.
  • Stop and take shelter in the event of heavy rain, fog, lightning, thunder, etc.
  • Dress for the elements and wear brightly coloured clothing or hi-vis safety vests.
    • Wear covered toe shoes (no sandals).
    • Cover your arms and legs for more protection.
    • Do not wear any jewelry, long scarves  or other items that could become a hazard.
  • AVOID hazardous plants and stinging insects.
  • DO NOT attempt to touch or move any wildlife (call a wildlife rescue/rehab if in distress to avoid injury).
  • DO NOT pick up masks, gloves, etc. with your bare hands. (Wear gloves and/or use a picker.)
  • DO NOT collect large/heavy objects (tires, furniture, etc.), or sharps (broken glass, needles, etc.). Notify event organizer of the locations that you have encountered these items..
    • DO NOT place sharp objects in trash bags or trash cans.
    • Report dangerous objects as soon as possible (during or after the event). City Staff will be dispatched to the location you provide (be as detailed as possible).
  • DO NOT enter any construction areas or water hazards.
  • DO NOT travel across or clean private property.

For more information, please contact Jeff Guarasci, Community Development Coordinator. Phone: 905-356-7521 extension 3341.

Mother Earth Day logo

Mother Earth Day presented by PenFinancial: Saturday, June 11, 2022.

The Park in the City Committee will launch their inaugural Mother Earth Day event to Saturday, June 11, 2022.  Other events such as a tree planting and Community Clean Sweep will take place during this event.  Environmental vendors, demonstrations, entertainment and local food fair will be available for the community to enjoy.  Partners of the event will also be hosting a wide variety of interactive youth and family stations to keep everyone busy during the day.  For a complete listing of planned activities and how you can get involved, please visit the Mother Earth Day page.

Environment Award

Congratulations to our most recent winner, Kinsella Simply Organics. The City of Niagara Falls Environment Award, sponsored and endorsed by the Park in the City Committee, is presented to citizens, groups, businesses, industry or organizations residing or working in the City of Niagara Falls who have made a significant contribution toward the protection or enhancement of the City's environment.

Over the past 25 years, the City of Niagara Falls Park in the City Committee has recognized many groups and individuals who demonstrated an outstanding commitment to the improvement and preservation of the environment. View the Past winners of the Environment Award for a full list of recipients of the award.

Nominations will be accepted year round. A complete, one page submission will be accepted, including a bio and accomplishments of the nominee and the nominator's and nominee full contact information.

Note: Only winning submissions will be contacted prior to the annual Volunteer Recognition Evening, which takes places annually at the beginning of November. Recipients will be given complimentary tickets to the Volunteer Recognition Ceremony. 

Park in the City Memorial Fund

Make a Donation Online

A Living Legacy established since 2008. This donor program aims to help implement greening initiatives throughout the City of Niagara Falls. Plan a gift that helps to create a healthy environment.  The City will issue letters for income tax purposes for donations $10 and greater. Niagara Falls Funeral Homes will accept donations to the fund by request. Donations are now being accepted online. You can also make a donation in person at the Fairview Cemetery, MacBain Community Centre and the Gale Centre.  The City will accept cheque and cash donations.  For more information on how you can make a donation or on where funds are allocated to, please call the Recreation & Culture Department at 905-356-7521 ext. 3330 or send us an email.

Street Tree Program.

For the past several years, the Park in the City Committee has been fortunate to partner with generous supporters including Niagara Peninsula Energy Inc. to enhance the urban forest canopy and deliver a great program to the community. The Street Tree Program enables the Committee to plant roughly 20 to 30 trees in city boulevards, medians, trails and parks. Residents of Niagara Falls are encouraged to apply for this program if they are without a tree along their boulevard and that they meet the below eligibility requirement. Trees are free of charge and will be planted in the late fall annually.

Eligibility Requirements:

  • Your boulevard is currently without a tree.
  • You are the owner of the property requesting the tree.
  • You have not made pre-arrangements with the City of Niagara Falls regarding a previous or existing tree on your boulevard.
  • You have never had a street tree and are not calling for a replacement tree.
  • You have not previously participated in the program.
  • You do not live in a subdivision that is less than five (5) years old.

If your boulevard tree was recently cut down, you will not qualify for the program. Instead, please inquire about a replacement tree at the Municipal Service Centre by calling 905-356-1355.

To request a free street tree, please ensure you meet the above requirements, then contact Jeff Guarasci, Community Development Coordinator.   

Phone: 905-356-7521 ext. 3341.

Tree Planting and Pollinator Garden installations

Limited volunteer opportunities will be available to participate in future community tree and pollinator plantings in 2022.  Volunteer opportunities will be granted on a first-come, first-serve basis.  Once opportunities are listed below, the public is encouraged to register for these events, by email or call Jeff Guarasci, Community Development Coordinator, City of Niagara Falls at 905-356-7521 ext. 3341 during regular business hours (Mon to Fri - 8:30 am to 4:30 pm). 

Volunteer Opportunities

For volunteer and/or sponsorship opportunities, or for more information about Park in the City programs and events, please call:

905-356-7521 ext. 3330 or visit our volunteers webpage