Niagara Student Summit

MYAC Niagara Student Summit

Wednesday, October 11, 2017 @ Brock University

Principal Sponsor: RBC

Partners and Supporters: Brock University, District School Board of Niagara, Niagara Peninsula Energy Inc., Walker Industries, Rankin Construction, Niagara College.

Summit Schedule 

8:30 amRegistration
9:00 am - 9:15 amGreetings
9:15 am - 10:00 amKeynote Speaker: ERic Woelfl, RBC Olympian
10:15 am - 11:05 amSession 1
11:15 am - 12:05 pmSession 2
12:05 pm - 12:35 pmLunch
12:35 pm - 1:25 pmSession 3
1:35 pm - 2:25 pmSession 4
2:25 pm - 3:20 pmClosing Speaker: Jim Diodati, Mayor of Niagara Falls
3:20 pm 3:30 pmClosing Remarks 

Only $20 per participant (lunch included). The Niagara Student Summit is planned BY high school students FOR high school students!

Summit Information

DSBN Students please register through your Guidance Department.

Registration & Session Selection

Registration will take place online courtesy of Brock University. Students can select their first and second choice for each of the four sessions. Registration opens on September 15th and closes on September 29th. REGISTER HERE

Permission Form/Media Consent & Waiver

A Permission Form/Media Consent & Waiver must be submitted in order to participate.

  • Cost: $20.00 per person including lunch. Online payment available by credit card or VISA debit.
  • Parking: Parking is available free of charge in Lot D courtesy of Brock University.
  • Lunch: Lunch will be provided. You may bring or purchase additional snacks for the day. Please note any food allergies or restrictions during the online registration.
  • Water Bottles: Be sure to bring your refillable water bottle. Water filling stations are available on campus.

Keynote Speaker: Eric Woelfl

Challenge is Eric Woelfl’s best friend. Eleven years after learning how to row, Eric found himself at the start line of the 2016 Olympic Games in the Lightweight Men’s Four. Entering the sport on a bet that he couldn’t do ten consecutive push ups, he began his rowing career at Governor Simcoe Secondary School in tenth grade and never looked back. Moving on from high school he enrolled at Brock University carrying on his student-athlete career for four more years. Upon finishing his undergrad Eric continued to chase challenge, shipping out to Victoria, British Columbia to join the Canadian national rowing team in 2010. Spending the next seven years as a full-time athlete, he competed at multiple World Championships, Pan American Games and ultimately the Olympic Games. Along the way he was fortunate to receive sponsorship, education, and mentorship from RBC Royal Bank, helping prepare for life after sport. Transitioning out his rowing career, Eric joined RBC Royal Bank as an Account Manager in St. Catharines this past winter. Recently promoted to Assistant Branch Manager of RBC Grimsby, he now leads a team of advisors and staff to help clients achieve their financial goals by promoting literacy, advice, and planning; once again working with his best friend, challenge.

Session One - 10:15 am to 11:05 am

  1. Choose Brock! - Presented By: Brock University, Recruitment & Liaison Service
    Learn more about Brock University and why it's the perfect choice for you! This session will highlight some of Brock University’s available programs and their associated careers.       
  2. Med School @ Brock -Presented By: Faculties of Applied Health Sciences and Math & Science, and MedPlus
    NOTE: This block session will run from 10:15 am to 12:05 pm (Session 1 & 2)
    Interested in a career in Health Care? Study Life Sciences at Brock and enhance your degree with Med Plus. Developed in partnership with local hospitals and practitioners, Med Plus is a four-year co-curricular program for students looking to gain practical skills in the health care sector. Gain a competitive edge and build the skills necessary for admission to professional health programs.
  3. Spinning -Presented By: Brock University, Recreation Services
    A 30-40 minute ride set to music, gives all participants a great workout in a fun group environment, and is followed by a cool down & deep stretch to make sure riders are ready to continue their day.
  4. Art Lesson -Presented By: Niagara Falls Art Gallery
    Looking to explore your creativity? Then join the Niagara Falls Art Gallery Artists and produce a fabulous painting that taps into your inner artistic genius!
  5. Self Defense -Presented By: Rich Beaupit, Owner/Head Coach, Straight Blast Gym of Niagara
    The S.A.F.E (Street Smarts Are For Everyone) Self Defense System combines the respect & self control of martial arts with a modern & functional "street smarts" training to create a FUN and practical self defense system for everyone from kids to adults.
  6. Facebook to Facebook Interactions - Build your social networks IN PERSON! -Presented By: Dr. Holly Catalfamo, Human Resources Programs, Niagara College & Kelly Jones, Employment Solutions
    Technology has given us so many advantages in our lives but has it cost the ability to really connect with people? We are going to discuss real tangible face to face communication techniques that could help you grow your social network and also help you get a job or start a career. Get ready to connect!
  7. How to be Rich - Managing Debt versus Savings -Presented By: Eric Woelfl, RBC
    Who is the richest person in Canada? The person with the least amount of debt! In this session students will learn the principles of budgeting, managing savings and debt providing them the foundation to achieve their financial goals in life.
  8. How To Talk Like TED -Presented By: Heather Lailey, District School Board of Niagara
    TED talks have revolutionized public speaking and now you can learn the art and science of sharing “ideas worth spreading”. Be the best you can be on stage or at the front of the room with tips from a TEDx organizer. Your audience will thank you!

Session Two - 11:15 am to 12:05 pm

  1. Brock Tour - Presented By: Brock University, Recruitment & Liaison Services
    Discover Brock for yourself! Current Brock students will show you a variety of locations throughout this beautiful campus. It will be a perfect chance to ask lots of questions as you explore the campus.
  2. Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) - Presented By: Brock University, Recreation Services
    Under the guidance of an experienced mixed martial arts athlete and coach, students will get a chance to learn some basic MMA techniques, and apply them to various self-defense scenarios!
  3. Experience Success: How Niagara College Combines Experience and Education to Generate Prosperous Careers - Presented By: Niagara College
    The Niagara College Learning Experience has epitomized the meaning of “Hands-on Learning” for the last 50 years. In today’s work environment, this learning combination has never been more valued. Join us to talk about Niagara College’s long-established and unique approach to providing experiential education and how you can benefit from it. We will discuss specific examples on how you can get hands on experience and the benefits you will gain for your future success in today’s job market.
  4. Self Defense - Presented By: Rich Beaupit, Owner/Head Coach, Straight Blast Gym of Niagara
    The S.A.F.E (Street Smarts Are For Everyone) Self Defense System combines  the respect & self control of martial arts with a modern & functional "street smarts" training to create a FUN and practical self defense system for everyone from kids to adults.
  5. Yes, You CAN make a Difference - Presented By: Adam Vassallo & Vincent Atallah, Co-Founders of “Don’t Freak Out!” and current university students
    Want to positively shape your community, but don’t know how to start? Maybe you think your impact won’t make a difference? We have news for you. You’ll walk away from this workshop with a better idea of why it’s important to get involved in your community and tangible examples of how to turn your thoughts into real community change.
  6. Interactive Student Panel - Presented By: Panel of Students
    This session will be an amazing opportunity to interact with a panel of college and university students with diverse paths and experiences. The panel will share with you the one thing that they would have told their younger self when they left high school. The floor will then be opened up for a question and answer period where you can ask just about anything as you prepare for your post secondary journey.
  7. Opportunities to Experience Entrepreneurship in Niagara - Presented By: Alexis Kleiman, Educational Research & Innovation Hub (ihub) and Cassie Price, BioLinc
    We believe that the best way to see if entrepreneurship is a viable career path for you is to "try on" entrepreneurship and experience it! This presentation will introduce students to the concept of experiential entrepreneurship and the network of organizations in Niagara that can support them in this venture. We will provide an overview of our local incubators and the services specific to student entrepreneurs available at these organizations. 

Session Three - 12:35 pm to 1:25 pm

  1. Residence & Campus Life @ Brock - Presented By: Brock University, Recruitment & Liaison Services
    Residence isn't just bricks and mortar. Learn what residence life is truly about & the endless opportunities that are available to get involved with.
  2. Options in Gaming (combined Brock & Niagara session) - Presented By: Michael Winter, GAME Program Director, Brock University, and Linda Roote, Associate Dean of Media Studies, Niagara College
    Learn how an interest in gaming can spark meaningful educational experiences. In this session you will learn about:
    • Joint college/university degree models across the province including the BA Game Design/Advanced Game Development Diploma and the BSc Game Programming/Advanced Game Development Diploma;
    • Areas of study within field of gaming as identified by the International Game Development Association; and
    • Other programs at both institutions that relate to game development skills.
      The presenters will provide an overview of their joint game program and show a demo reel of student project work.
  3. Archery - Presented By: Brock University, Recreation Services
    Try your hand and eye at hitting the target – dress for the outdoors.
  4. Your Path to Pathways - Presented By: Amy Gilners, Transfer Recruitment/Admissions Officer
    More and more students are discovering the value of attaining both a university and college credential. Learn about the transfer pathways between Brock University and Niagara College which allow students to build a customized education. 
  5. Experience = $$$ - Presented By: District School Board of Niagara
    Funding your education can be intimidating and overwhelming. What many students don’t realize is that their life & high school experiences are often cash worthy. During this session you will discover how to prepare, qualify, apply and win scholarships!
  6. GAP Year - Presented By: Michael Maki, Ridley College Guidance Department
    Considering a GAP year?  Come to learn more about the array of possibilities available to students after high school and resources to help you with your quest.
  7. Talking vs Communicating - Presented By: Janet Hueglin Hartwick, Author/Speaker, Conversations At Work
    Why is it easier to talk about your weekend than discuss how to approach an assignment? Being an effective communicator is a learned skill. Build your confidence to navigate challenging conversations, learn to speak persuasively and discover your personal speaking style.
  8. Leading in a Computer’s World - Presented By: Yashvi Shah, MYAC alum and Code Niagara founder
    Computer science has taken our cities, our country and our world by storm. Being able to code is the most sought-after skill in today’s workforce. The second? Leadership. Learn how you can build technical skills and use them to drive leadership to solve some of our region’s most pressing issues.

Session Four - 1:35 pm to 2:25 pm

  1. Co-op, Career & Experiential Education @ Brock - Presented By: Co-op, Career and Experiential Education
    Gain a competitive edge! In today’s labour market, having graduated with experience and career knowledge will give you a critical advantage. At Brock, we pride ourselves on integrating experience into your studies by offering a rigorous co-op program and a variety of hands-on learning opportunities. Our career team works with you to help successfully translate your experiences, both inside and outside the classroom, as you launch yourself into your career!
  2. Cool Climate Oenology & Viticulture Institute (CCOVI) Tour - Presented By: Presented By: CCOVI at Brock
    Brock University’s Cool Climate Oenology and Viticulture Institute (CCOVI) is the only Canadian research institute dedicated to studying grapes and wine and Brock University is the only school in Canada to offer an undergraduate degree in oenology and viticulture.  Join us for a tour of the institute and learn more about the Canadian grape and wine industry.
  3. Yoga - Presented By: Brock University, Recreation Services
    Students will be guided through static postures linked with coordinated breath and movement to challenge themselves to find their body’s own limits and improve upon them. The class will combine the flexibility benefits of long holds characteristic of Hatha Yoga with the powerful movements & focused breathing of Vinyasa.
  4. Brand Yourself - Presented By: Sue Cardamone and Kristy Paniagua, Job Gym
    Whether you’re looking for a job or you will be in the future, it's time to set yourself up for success. Social media can contribute to your career goals or harm your personal “brand”. Maintaining a solid reputation and positive image is not only about good grades or who you know, but includes the trail of different social media networks you use. Make social media your tool for success – Brand Yourself!
  5. Experience = $$$ - Presented By: District School Board of Niagara
    Funding your education can be intimidating and overwhelming.  What many students don’t realize is that their life & high school experiences are often cash worthy. During this session you will discover how to prepare, qualify, apply and win scholarships!
  6. US Admissions - Presented By: Michael Maki, Ridley College Guidance Department
    Any school application can be daunting, but applying to a US institution can be overwhelming. Learn how to skillfully manage the Common Application & ace your applications.
  7. Post Secondary Opportunities for Athletes - Presented By: Matt Bowie, Ridley College Guidance Department
    Are you an athlete who is interested in pursuing sport during your post-secondary education? This session will provide valuable information on athletic recruitment for NCAA in the USA and University sports in Canada. The session will provide practical suggestions for getting noticed and exploring the many opportunities available.
  8. Niagara 2.0 Where are you going? - Moderated By: Jessica Potts, Inspired Strategy Group
    Panel Members: Mayor Jim Diodati, Niagara Falls; Mayor Walter Sendzik, St. Catharines; and Cara Boese, Brock Co-op, Career and Experiential Education

Have your say! This unique and exciting interactive session will bring together local change makers and Niagara advocates with students. It will be a great opportunity for the panel members to highlight their top reason to stay in Niagara and for students to provide their input and ideas to keep them here.

Closing Speaker Mayor Jim Diodati, City of Niagara Falls

The Niagara Falls Mayor’s Youth Advisory Committee is pleased to welcome our Mayor, Jim Diodati, as the closing speaker for the 2017 NSS. Mayor Diodati is passionate about his City, about the Niagara Region, and about youth. Be prepared to be inspired!

Mayor’s Youth Advisory Committee
4310 Queen Street, Niagara Falls, ON    L2E 6X5
Beth Angle, MYAC Staff Liaison
905.356.7521 X 3336