Arts & Culture Networking & Workshops

The Culture Committee of Niagara Falls spoke to the community about their wants and needs with regards to support and opportunities to allow the community to be part of a vibrant community.  We are very excited to announce the first of these workshops. The emphasis will be on marketing and branding.  Working closely with the Niagara Falls Small Business Enterprise Centre, these workshops will be opportunities for the arts & culture community to come and understand how they can market themselves, their events, their businesses and understand what potential there is out there.  We will have sessions that discuss business plans, marketing basics and how to tell your story. 

These are the first in what we hope will be ongoing sessions to get the community together, to share ideas, best practices and information about what is happening around our city.  These workshops are free and open to all who wish to participate but are geared towards individuals and groups that create (or wish to create) events and activities involving arts, culture and heritage.  

Our Spring 2016 workshops included such takeaways as: The Lean Business Plan, SWOT, Telling your Stories and Sharing it and Marketing Basics. It included discussions with local art entrepreneurs and culture media outlets.  

How to Write a Successful Grant Proposal

Developing effective grant writing skills are essential to acquire competitive funding from government agencies and private foundations. Writing a successful grant proposal is a blend of art and science. It not only requires basic now how, but content knowledge, writing proficiency, research skills, creativity, patience as well as luck! This seminar will provide participants with the background necessary to develop a competitive funding proposal.