Cemeteries, Parks & Trails Projects

Millennium Recreational Trail Section 5Details
Emerald Ash BorerDetails
Columbaria Installation at Fairview CemeteryDetails
Cemetery Fence Replacement ProgramDetails
Veteran and War Dead Memorials Restoration - 5 yr Partnership with Federal GovernmentDetails
Cemetery Road Repair ProgramDetails
Fern Park Improvements and Trail DevelopmentDetails
Firemen's Park Master Landscape PlanDetails
Oakes Park Improvements - Canada Summer Games 2021Details
Parks and Trail Signage and Wayfinding Master PlanDetails
Millennium Recreational Trail Section 2Details
Garner Recreation Trail Development - Hydro Corridor SectionDetails
Oakes Park Improvements - Design for Concession Building Phase 2 Renovations & ImprovementsDetails
Oakes Park Improvements - Canada Summer GamesDetails
N.S. & T. Trail Feasibility Master PlanDetails
Firemen's Park ImprovementsDetails
Prince Charles Pool Change Room Floor ReplacementDetails
Fairview Cemetery - Security CamerasDetails
Master Planning Future Cemetery DevelopmentDetails
Redevelopment of Lundy's Lane Cemetery CornerDetails
Supply and Installation of Niche Cabinet at Stamford ColumbariumDetails
Warren Woods West Park DevelopmentDetails
Warren Woods East Park DevelopmentDetails
Playground Improvement ProgramDetails
MacBain Park Skatepark ImprovementsDetails
Millennium Trail FencingDetails
Supply & Installation of Two 72 Niche Columbarium Units at Fairview CemeteryDetails
Corwin Park Trail DevelopmentDetails
Warren Woods Trail DevelopmentDetails
Warren Woods Trail Parkette DevelopmentDetails
Addition of Stained Glass Features to the Holocaust Memorial at Lundy's Lane CemeteryDetails
Trail Condition Assessment & Rehabilitation Plan DevelopmentDetails
NS&T Trail Implementation Phase 1Details