Cemetery Road Repair Program

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Project Description

The 2019 Cemetery Road Repair Program will include Fairview Cemetery which has been deteriorating for years. In 2016 a 5 year plan was implemented to address the road conditions at Fairview Cemetery and Lundy's Lane Cemetery. Beginning in 2016 stretches of road at Fairview Cemetery and Lundy's were "surface treated" to eliminate imminent safety hazards. In 2019 it was determined that the roads at Fairview Cemetery would be better suited to repaving. It is the hope of Cemetery Services that a Road & Drainage Plan be developed through a consultant. Until such time, it is necessary that safety issues be managed through a patching program and/or surface treatment program.

Project Cost


Project Schedule

Spring/Summer 2019

Project Contact

Mark Richardson
Manager of Cemeteries Services
905-356-7521 ext 5301

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