Building, Facilities & Maintenance

Fleet Services Equipment Replacement Details
Fleet Fuel SystemDetails
Park Street & Erie Avenue Improvements (2018/2019)Details
MacBain Community Centre Energy UpgradeDetails
Building Condition Assessment - Fire Station #1, #2, #3 and #4 Details
City Buildings - Building Condition Assessment - Various LocationsDetails
City Hall Court House DemolitionDetails
City Market Square Demolition - Park StreetDetails
Recreation and Park Building DemolitionDetails
Fire Station #2 Improvements (2019)Details
Library Doors - Community CentreDetails
Library - Flooring at Victoria Avenue Branch - Phase 1Details
Library - Public Computer RefreshDetails
Library - Skylights Phase IIIDetails
Library SystemDetails
Gale Centre - Cooling TowerDetails
Willoughby Historical Museum Water SensorsDetails
Service Centre Fuel Tank ReplacementsDetails
King Eddy Parking Lot Fencing ImprovementDetails
City Hall Space Planning DesignDetails
Niagara Falls History Museum - UPS Battery ReplacementDetails
City Hall Building Improvements - 4310 Queen StreetDetails
CORE Building Upgrades - 5017 Victoria AvenueDetails
Fire Station #1 Improvements - 5815 Morrison StreetDetails
Fire Station #2 Improvements - 7036 McLeod RoadDetails
Fire Station #3 Improvements - 3401 Dorchester RoadDetails
Fire Station #4 Improvements - 8696 Banting AvenueDetails
Fire Station #6 Improvements - 8061 Schisler Road.Details
Fire Administration Building - 5809 Morrison StreetDetails
Firehall Theatre Improvements - 4990 Walnut StreetDetails
Fire Station #6 Portable Emergency PowerDetails
Prince Charles Pool Change Room Floor ReplacementDetails
Service Centre Facility Improvements - 3200 Stanley AvenueDetails
Park Street Market Square - Site RemediationDetails
Lundy's Lane Cemetery Operation & Maintenance Building ImprovementsDetails
Fire Station #7 ConstructionDetails