Legal Services

Legal Services does not provide legal advice to the public. If you require legal assistance please contact a lawyer in private practice, or if you cannot afford a lawyer please call the following:

  • The Law Society of Ontario - Lawyer Referral Service
  • Niagara North Community Legal Assistance
  • Community Legal Services of Niagara South
  • Legal Aid Ontario - St. Catharines Office
  • Legal Aid Ontario - Welland Office

Legal Services does not notarize documents. All requests for commissioning of documents (Commissioner of Oaths) should be referred directly to the Clerk's Department.

Legal Services advises City Council and various departments and divisions within the City. Legal Services also ensures that City operations adhere to legislative and common law requirements and provides legal defence of the City and protects its interests as needed.  Risk Management is a division of Legal Services that helps minimize the risk and liability of the Corporation.  This includes mitigating the risk of claims, maintaining and administering the City’s third party insurance certificate submission portal, and investigating and processing any person or property damage claims made against the City.

Real Estate Services

Legal Services is responsible for acting for the City in property transactions including purchases, sales, easements, encroachments, leases, and licenses, obtaining all road widenings and daylighting triangles; permanent closure and sale of roads; and preparation of subdivision agreements, site plan agreements and other development agreements.

An electronic list of City Owned Properties and properties that have been deemed surplus is available on-line.

To inquire about purchasing City owned lands that have not been deemed surplus, please complete the Request to Purchase City Lands Form.

Claims To The City

More information about the claims process involving the City.

Providing Proof of Insurance to the City

The City requires from all contractors doing work for, or, acting as agents of the City that they provide to Legal Services a Certificate of Insurance certifying that they carry insurance appropriate to their contract with the city.

Insurance Certificates are to be in the following format:

Municipal Freedom of Information

The City Clerk is the Municipal Freedom of Information Coordinator with respect to matters under the Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act. Please refer to the Municipal Freedom of Information section for further information.

Contact Information

Legal Services
City of Niagara Falls
4310 Queen Street, P.O. Box 1023
Niagara Falls, Ontario
L2E 6X5
Phone: 905-356-7521, extension 4240 Fax: 905-371-2892
[email protected]