Social Media Neutral Zone

Welcome to the Landing Page for the Social Media Neutral Zone.

I created this space when the use of hurtful, hateful language and comments by people behind their keyboards started to become the norm rather than a forgivable exception.   I felt that enough was enough.  So many people writing mean-spirited things would never say those things in person.  I experienced time and time again, not just toward myself, but witnessed others, good people with ideas on different sides of an issue who took to name-calling or the use of disrespectful words to attempt to make a point.  I knew that collectively we were better than that.  I also knew that the current pandemic, quarantine and adjusting to the new normal has been cause for so many to take to online dialogue to take out their frustrations or air their unspent anger and confusion.  I was finished with watching people disrespect one another on my social media pages.  I didn’t create those accounts for that purpose and I did not want them to become ground for this to continue.  

So, I created a Social Media Neutral Zone.  I started by making each one of my pages on social media, including TwitterFacebookInstagramLinkedIn a safe space for people to communicate with respect, to share their questions and comments even their confusion or anger, but in a considerate way.  A Social Media Neutral Zone is a place where we will be kind rather than putting people down, where it is ok to disagree, but not to disrespect.

Social Media Neutral Zone

Here you will find:  

  1. The rules for a Social Media Neutral Zone,

  2. Graphics that I created that provide reminders and examples of what participating in a Social Media Neutral Zone looks like,

  3. Videos that I shared on social media in which I explained the reason and the idea behind the Social Media Neutral Zone and explain it in my own words.


I invite you to explore the graphics, messages and ideas on this page and to take what you need. Download and use these graphics on your own pages.  

Perhaps you’ll use some of the messages here to encourage others to “pause before they press” and that will result in someone choosing to send something that lifts someone up or supports them, versus sending hateful or hurtful words via social media.

Thank you for touching down here to learn more about our Social Media Neutral Zone. With your support and participation we can expand the Neutral Zone and grow the space online that is inviting, uplifting and safe for all to express themselves and encourage dialogue with mutual respect and a level of consideration and kindness.

Video Links

Social Media Neutral Zone 1
Social Media Neutral Zone 2
Social Media Neutral Zone 3

Downloadable Images

Visit the Social Media Neutral Zone Dropbox folder for downloadable graphics you can use on your own platforms!